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Friday, April 16, 2010

On Sunday morning, we were in the New Members class at church, and the assistant pastor was explaining what it means to be a "missional church." This is the same guy who lead our Missional Life class, where we had to write the call story. Well, he was making the point that "mission work" is not limited to missionaries in foreign countries, and he said, "Courtney, hope this does not embarrass you, but I'm going to use you as an example. Courtney has a website called, A Work in Progress. . . she is a mom, she enjoys writing, and she feels called to empower other moms."

I turned bright red.


But I'm so glad he called me out. First, I'm putting myself out there, right? I need to get brave about it. And second, it lead to a great discussion after class. Specifically, I met another chick who digs blogs and she clued me in to this jewel: Fly Through Our Window

Hello! I am so dreadfully far behind. How have I missed this? I don't know, but seriously, read about her renovation of her orange bathroom, and you will be hooked. I clicked on her sister's blog, and learned about Lonny Mag. Wow. (To better understand Lonny, click on "About Us" and read the Vanity Fair write up.) A whole world of design out there that I knew nothing about. Not such a surprise if you come over to my house, but that is another story. . .

Then there is the local blogger I met through a mutual friend a couple weeks ago. We were at a dinner together, the word "blog" came up, and boom! That was it. Instant connection. She can save you some serious bucks, too. Check her out: Wiggins Weekly

Want more? Visit the sisters I've been following for some time now: Stephanie and Courtney. Stephanie's was the first blog I discovered with advertisers and a broad audience. She kind of blew me away, and she has been an incredible inspiration since her accident. Reading her blog got me thinking about my own life in a new way, and ultimately, led me to A Work in Progress. Then there is her sister, Courtney, a quirky gal who provides good food for thought. Plus, she is about to have a baby any day now and how can you resist another Courtney?!

It's not just women. My friend, Ashley, introduced me to this blog, Confessions of a CF Husband. Their entire life is a miracle - really. Amazing.

And let's not forget all my fabulous real-life-I-actually-know-them friends who keep blogs about their own daily adventures in motherhood. They are the best.

So, there you have it - more inspiration. And plenty of material for Friday procrastination! It's dangerous out there. Inspiration all around!

Picture by Hubby: Rainbow on the way home from work

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