Monday, April 26, 2010

On Mother's Day, 2007, (my first Mother's day) my mom gave me a book titled, "The 100 Most Important Bible Verses for Mothers." It is organized like a daily devotional book, and I kept it next to my bed, intending to read one entry each day.

I just finished it.

Yes, three years later. 1,095 days later. So much for daily.

But it is a wonderful little book, and I intend to read it again and again. (No matter how long that takes!) I'd like to share one of the readings, which I think hits on a theme common to almost all mothers: The Myth of Supermom.

It is not that we think we can do anything of lasting value by ourselves. Our only power and success come from God. 2 Corinthians 3:5 NLT

Supermom to the rescue! She handles everyone's life, remembers all important dates, fixes all problems, climbs the corporate ladder, and even has a clean house. She wears perfect makeup every day with perfectly coordinating super-hero wear. Who does not want to be a supermom? She is praised as a legend of modern-day life.
This myth really damages women. You cannot do it all, or at least not for very long. Your health and mental strength will fare poorly if you try. The myth of supermom also blocks out the power of God in your life. Nothing works well that is driven just by you. The only true success in any endeavor comes from and is powered by God. Your children and other moms around you see where you put your confidence and learn by your example.
Go to God in prayer with everything you have to do. Tell him you need him and his power each day. Ask him to show you what is important and what is not. Ask him for his wisdom and favor on your vocation as a mother. Be sure to let your daughter learn this by your example before she becomes a mother of her own children. Let God bring success to you in a way you couldn't do for yourself, and remember to thank him for it.
Do not depend on your own abilities, but trust completely in God's ability to give you success and wisdom as a mother. He can handle it all!

Well. I don't know about you, but I like the idea of taking the Myth of Supermom off the pedestal, and putting God up there instead. Supermom would have finished the book in 100 days or less. This mom took 10 times that long. But, I'm just grateful that God is patient with me - and that I ended up reading each passage exactly when I needed to read it. Supermom, indeed.

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