Getting to the Good Stuff

Friday, May 7, 2010

I enjoy the daily deleting exercise of cleaning out my email inbox. (How am I still on the mailing list for the Atlanta Botanical Gardens?) I feel organized and efficient when I can turn 17 new messages into 5 worth reading, just like that. Click, click, click! Here are two of the five I found worth reading today:

(1) Charleston Currents - an informative local publication, with a clever name. And, it includes a "Good News" section. Imagine, good news! Subscribe. It is free, and you will love it.

(2) Moms of Faith - I stumbled upon this website while searching for a prayer to read at a baby shower. I didn't find the prayer, but boy is this a wealth of info! I haven't clicked on everything yet, but I have subscribed to the (again, free!) newsletter and so far, so good.

Happy Clicking!

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