A Note to the Toys

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear Toys,

I'm sure you are wondering, "What the heck happened?"

I used to visit you every night, to sort, straighten, and replace all the missing parts. Trucks in the yellow bin, musical instruments in the blue bin, miscellaneous in red. Ah, miscellaneous. How your category has grown. I dare not photograph the other toy stations around the family room. They are worse.

Let me explain what happened: I got outnumbered. I let go. I found other uses for my time. I decided that as long as those crazy boys help me get all of you off the floor every night, that is good enough. As you know, I organize you periodically, but it is no longer a nightly ritual. I hope you do not feel abandoned. This change is actually a positive reflection on your toy-performance. The boys love you so much. They love to pull you all out, zoom you around, crash, slam, stack, and count. When I interfere to make sure you stay straight, I'm doing just that - interfering. So, trucks mixed with books mixed with house shoes is all part of the creative play. Letting them explore. Learn. Grow. Right?

Well that's what I've told myself, so I hope you understand. Yes, I will still remove the random crumbs that find a way into your crevices, and yes, we will straighten you out when company is coming. . . but for the most part, you are on your own now.

Good luck!

The Mom

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2 Responses to “A Note to the Toys”

  1. Love it! Maybe you're becoming just a little bit more like your mom - ? LOL - I could learn a lot about household organization and housekeeping rituals from you, but maybe you could learn a little about loosening up from me. :-D (However, as you know, I'm still working on the letting-go aspects, as in the purging, of some of the effects of my glorious loose living * sigh *) Keep up your great writing! Love you muchly!!

  2. Again, you've nailed my thoughts on a subject! It is so much the same at our house. And I've just come to accept that Build-A-Bear shoes + Disney princesses + maracas = a good day of play.