We Will Be Eating Mor Chikin

Monday, May 17, 2010

It's true. I do.

(Or as Big Guy calls it, Chicken Lay)

Why? Let's discuss:

(1) Their chicken is dee-licious.

(2) I often get a craving for it on Sunday, but they stick to their guns and stay closed on Sundays. I respect that.

(3) Their latest Kids Meal toy is a Veggie Tales CD. I had only vaguely heard of Veggie Tales before. I thought it was a Christian cartoon, but since we've never seen it, I wasn't sure. Turns out, it is. We still haven't seen an actual cartoon, but the boys LOVE the CD. Yes, the characters may have the most annoying voices in all of cartoon-land, but the message is great. How can you beat these lyrics:
God is bigger than the boogeyman,
He's bigger than Godzilla or the monsters on TV,
Yes, God is bigger than the boogeyman,
And he's watchin' out for you and me.

It gets in your head. And it really comes in handy when your 3 year old uses a classic bedtime stalling tactic:
"But if you leave, I gonna have bad dreams."
"No - just remember: God is bigger than the boogeyman!"

(4) Our local Chicken Lay has Mr. Norman. A concierge, if you will, who greets you, brings the food to your table, and offers hats to your children. He will also refill your drink and bring ice cream.

So, I will happily continue to patronize our local Chicken Lay. We get a lot from that fast food joint - good food, support of Christian values, and excellent customer service. I hope the same goes for your local spot. . .

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4 Responses to “We Will Be Eating Mor Chikin”

  1. Hope you are feeling better!
    :) Sharon

  2. I am with you on the Chick fil A. E&T call it Chicky Play. Also, if you stick those veggie tales CDs into the computer, there are both cartoons and activities :) enjoy!!

  3. Once you get hooked on Veggie Tales (and you will - trust me) you should definitely get Jonah. That's their feature length film and it is not only a great version of Jonah's story but also absolutely hilarious!! I am sometimes guilty of putting in a movie so I can get a few things accomplished, but I find myself parked on the couch every time with that one!!

  4. Courtney TollisonMay 22, 2010 at 12:23 PM

    Chicken Lay is a great organization. My brother looked into getting a franchise. They do so much for their communities!