A Computer-Free Day

Friday, June 25, 2010

Feeling Neglected

Kind of ironic, huh?

Since I'm using a computer to write this post, and I'm hoping that other people will use their computers to read it.

Still, even I, the blogging-addict, just-need-to-check-my-facebook page-one-more-time, queen, need a day off. And it's not just the computer. It is my (dare I say it?) IPhone, too. (I still love you.)

I know I need a computer-free day when I can't step outside without my phone, the computer is on the kitchen counter, and the kids seem so noisy and distracting. I mean, really. I'm trying to stay connected, here!

Helllloooo. Step away from the screen.

Pay attention to those little faces that are changing ever-so-quickly. Look up, and look around your house. Look at the people and things that are actually here. Trade virtual for real.

When I follow that advice, I always feel refreshed. I love my screen time, don't get me wrong. It is great to chat with far away friends, read interesting writing, learn about new ideas, and find out what is going on in far corners of the world. But when I border on disconnection with my here and now, it kind of freaks me out. I desire simpler times, and a smaller world. Or at least, a break from the buzz.

Do you ever feel that way?


Or just call me, if you feel the need to shut down now.

P.S. Sorry about all the dash-writing. I don't know what is up with that.

P.S.S. Wait! Before you unplug (and before I become hopelessly behind) check out this hilarious post from Suburban Snapshots. A reader (yes, I have a reader!) suggested it to me. (Thanks!!) Then I saw multiple facebook postings about it, and now the comments are overloaded/closed. . . soooo, don't be the last one in the whole entire world to read it. My favorite is #9. I don't have girls, but there always was that one girl.

Oops. I have replaced dash-writing with (parentheses). Time to go.

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One Response to “A Computer-Free Day”

  1. I have started spending more time away from the computer this summer and I love it!!