Weekend Assignments

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lots of assignments for me

I am making discoveries as I journey deeper into the blogging world. "Discoveries?" you ask. Oh yes, discoveries. Like, there are 8 million people out there writing blogs, and maintaining websites dedicated to motherhood, parenting, marriage, working at home, working outside the home, gardening, housekeeping, mountaineering, you name it. Okay, maybe I haven't read any mountaineering blogs, but I'm sure they exist.

My point is, I've found some good stuff. Should you desire more online reading, consider the following:

Newby Mom - a local publication with articles by moms/for moms. Lifestyle, fitness, community, beauty - all that jazz. You don't have to be a lowcountry local to appreciate the information. For example, I enjoyed reading about Leslie Haywood, the inventor of Grill Charms. (Maybe a good Father's Day gift?) Check it out, even if your address is outside SC.

Mama Manifesto - I stumbled upon this through a blog my friend Carissa shared with me. I'm not sure where The Mamas are located, but they are so interesting. Topics include "Mama Musings," "Going Green," Recipes, and more. I'm still thinking about this article.

Bethlehem Stories - If you want to live vicariously through someone doing something really great, read this. Laura is a member of our church, and even though I just recently met her, I already know she is an amazing person. Read on, and you'll agree.

MamaLaw - In case you missed the featured article about them in last month's Southern Living, here you go. Spectacular reading for all my mama-lawyer friends. But I suspect anyone who has ever been a working mom will like it.

So, there is your assigned reading.

Now, if you are up for another assignment . . . want to write a guest post for me?

You could share a helpful hint about motherhood, travel, marriage - anything! (Mountaineering?) Or tell us about your favorite summer vacation memory, a spiritual discovery, or what you made for dinner last night. Positive is the only requirement.

Come on, be brave.

Send me an email if you are interested. Have a great weekend!

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One Response to “Weekend Assignments”

  1. This is a good idea! I have someone in mind - it's not me - and I'll talk to you later about her. She's a friend of mine you don't happen to know yet. Very funny, smart, positive wife/mom/grandmother/business woman/blogger extraordinaire. I think your readers would like her.