Friday's Myster-e

Friday, July 23, 2010

How did that

get there?

Today I'm also wondering:

How did I find more yard sale stuff when I've already cleaned out the closets five times this year?

Did that laundry pile just grow?

Why is there a dryer sheet stuck to the inside of my shirt?

Is it possible for Cheerios under the couch to reproduce?

Will these children ever listen to a word I say?

Is it Friday yet?

Oh yes! It is. Happy Friday, everyone!

P.S. One mystery is solved. I found the pacifier earlier this week. I was vacuuming out the car for the third or fourth time since The Incident. There it was, wedged way up under the driver's seat. Only visible from a certain angle with your head hanging upside down. I threw it away.

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One Response to “Friday's Myster-e”

  1. Glad you solved the mystery of the long lost pacifier. You are inspiring me to go clean my car.
    And bc I have had the chance to spend time with you and the fam recently, it is abundantly clear that those two children pick up on about 99.9% of what you much of what comes out of Hugh's mouth reminds me of you!