Out of the Routine

Friday, July 9, 2010

Vacation clothes, drying

Last weekend, we went on a mini-vacation for the 4th of July. We stayed with relatives in a beautiful mountain house. The air was cool, the setting was serene, and I made a genuine effort to relax, especially with respect to our daily routine. I left my watch on the dresser, and I tried to silence the voice that said, "Oh my gosh, if we don't eat dinner at 6 o'clock someone is gonna freak out!"

Guess what? No one freaked out.

Here is some of what I enjoyed, living Out Of The Routine:

(1) Waking up with the boys in our king size bed. (They started off in another room, but we caved. . . every night. A king size bed makes you do that, I think.)
(2) Sleeping in with the boys until 8am each morning. Seriously. That is sleeping in.
(3) Letting Hubby nap with the boys, while I enjoyed a magazine, in another room. One time, I fell asleep and woke up with drool. It was spectacular.
(4) An impromptu, child-free, shopping excursion.
(5) An impromptu, child-free, evening boat ride with Hubby.
(6) Skipping the nightly bath.
(7) Counting the steps up and down to the dock as exercise.
(8) Counting the boys' enormous watermelon snack as dinner.
(9) Not doing laundry - even though there was a washer and dryer right there.
(10) Leaving my phone alone.
(11) Sitting.
(12) Eating food that I did absolutely nothing to prepare.
(13) Reading People magazine . . . and then discussing how fortunate we are, compared to many "celebrities."
(14) Lots more. . .but I'm home now, and someone has got to fold those clothes.

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