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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One of the many fantastic images you will find on The Pioneer Woman

I realized something the other day. I have exchanged TV for the internet. It's true! I've watched almost zero TV this summer, but I have spent hours (days?) online, reading and writing. Maybe I'm late to the party, but man, this is a fascinating world. My current areas of interest are other blogs, anything that helps me be a better wife and mother, green living, Christian living, cooking, couponing (yes, it's a word), gardening, and decorating. Just to name a few. I find all of this way more satisfying than Wipe Out.

Here are some cool spots I've recently added to my Bookmark Bar:

Fabulous and Frugal - Put those words on my tombstone, please. "She was fabulous and frugal." This site is smart and informative.

Simple Mom, Small Notebook, The Confident Mom - These are Professional Mama Blogs. So if you have your own little blog, get ready to think it stinks in comparison. But then get over that and start reading. You will want to lock yourself in a room until you have absorbed all of this make-me-a-better-mother/household-manager information, and then you will fling open the door and proclaim, "I am ready to take on the world!" Then your hungry and dirty family will look at you and wonder where you have been. So okay, maybe you'll have to read these blogs in the usual 3 minute increments. Still, a great way to spend 3 minutes. Even better, sign up for their newsletters and you won't have to remember to check on them.

HomeEc 101 - Local! But works anywhere. Perfect combo. Heather Solos (mom and former professional chef) is so full of useful tidbits that it is no wonder she started this site. I particularly like her Weekly Chore Schedule and the little sticky notes that pop up with the daily task. It is nice to have someone tell me what to do in such a cute and friendly way, even if I don't actually do it.

The Pioneer Woman - Okay, I admit it. I want to be The Pioneer Woman. First, her blog is gorgeous. The photos, the vintage images - ak! Second, the feel is so wide-open-spaces that I absolutely want to pack up and move. Or at least visit. And eat some of her cooking. Third, well, we've talked about this before. I've got some pioneer woman in me. Enough to admire what she does and stand in awe with my mouth open. And kind of wish I had some cattle to go rustle up, or something like that.

Happy Trails!

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2 Responses to “Website Wednesday”

  1. LOVE IT!! Phyllis H., if you're reading this, more good blogs for you!!

  2. Love all of these! I will have to add them to my rotation! The Pioneer Woman is awesome! Have you gotten her cookbook yet? Gorgeous!! Here is another blog to add to your rotation - - she is a mom of 7 who lives in the Richmond area and went to Furman! I have corresponded with her some to try to get her to speak to our MOPS group at church. She is really nice and I love the Furman and RIchmond connection!! Talk soon!