Julie & Julia

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poor lobster. Great scene.

People have been asking me if I've seen Julie & Julia since it came out in 2009. I'm not much of a cook (Julia) but I am a blogger (Julie). So, I convinced Hubby to watch it with me the other night, and it provided lots of food for thought.

Pun intended.

(1) I flinched during the fight Julie has with her husband, where he tells her blogging has made her, "a self-absorbed one way street." Hit a little close to home, even though Hubby has never uttered, or implied, those words. Still, I recognize that blogging is a self-absorbed past time. I'm assuming that I have something so important, so interesting to say that others will want to read it. I go into my own little world with this laptop, (I should be folding clothes, or making a souffle!) and I sometimes feel guilty about that.

Ugh, guilt. What a subject. Moving on.

(2) I laughed out loud when Julie got so excited about her first-ever comment . . . and then it was from her mom. (Mom, you know I appreciate your faithful readership, and comments!) It was just, well, I could relate. And I have to say, my mom is much more supportive of my blog than her mom originally was of hers. So, thanks Mom.

(3) It made me appreciate my marriage. Both Julia and Julie were portrayed as having wonderful husbands. I mean, amazingly supportive and loving husbands. Seriously, I cannot imagine living with Julia Child and that voice, but man, did Paul love her. They were crazy in love. The entire movie was a great statement on marriage, and I'm glad I didn't have to watch it thinking, "Wish I had a husband like that." Hubby is amazingly supportive and loving. He hasn't even called me a self absorbed one way street. Yet.

(4) Now I want a copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Not so I can de-bone a duck or make my own mayonnaise (crazy!), but I just want to read it. I was tickled by Julia's oft-quoted line in the movie, "the servantless American cook," and I bet there are more gems in there.

What about you?

Seen any good movies lately?

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7 Responses to “Julie & Julia”

  1. I haven't seen the movie but have wanted to for some time. I just can't manage to get hubby to watch it with me...lol. On the blogging note, though. My blogging is an outlet for me to reflect on my life, a way for me to remember the events taking place in my life, and also a way to hopefully reach others. I think all of those things are important, so I really do not consider my blogging self absorbed. I always do it at a time when I am not needed and when I can really think about what I'm wanting to say. :-)

    I'm glad you like the pictures. I do have a ton more. I told your mom that I would hopefully have them done by the end of this coming weekend.

  2. You're welcome, Courtney! I'm thinking about becoming a blogger myself...after I get my unfinished projects finished! I already have a catchy name for it - stay tuned. You've inspired me(you may later say you've created a monster.)

  3. As the husband referenced in the above blog post, I must say that I am seeking a copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking on an expedited basis from Amazon. I'll even give my lovely wife TWO years to accomplish the feat Julie accomplished in the movie.

  4. I finally got Duff to watch that movie with me a few weeks ago - and we both liked it! I agree, it made me happy to watch two women with supporting and loving husbands - I have one too! - especially important these days as my body is under "Baby A"'s control and emotions are on high alert...

  5. first off -- i did like the movie...can see why meryl streep was nominated for an oscar.

    second -- thank you, lovely wife of mine, for the compliments. =) you are doing a great job with Baby A!

    lastly -- I can only imagine if mom becomes a blogger.

    is there enough bandwidth on the internet to support that much typing/large font/crazy colors?

    maybe i should invest more in storage technology. or rare Earth metals...

    God help us all!

  6. I love my family. They really like to comment. And, they just provided another Julie moment: "5 comments! Wow!"

    (click, open)


    But still - 5 comments! :)

  7. Thanks, dear Duff - I know what you really meant to say is that you have a wonderfully colorful and intriguing mom whose blog - if there were one - you would gladly follow with devotion and pride. That is what you meant to say, right? Meghan, you have such a charming, lovable husband! Can't wait for Baby A to get here and start displaying some of Daddy A's dear, delightful ways. I'll smile. I'm smiling now at all four of you above. ;-)