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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If you click on "websites" or "bloggers" in the label cloud down on the right, you will see that I periodically dedicate a post to the work of others. There is a lot of good stuff out there! Here are some sites that I recently added to my Bookmark list:

Blissfully Domestic - I stumbled upon this when I wrote Wandering Thoughts. The tag line is, "The Smart Girl's Guide to Life," and Blissfully Domestic pretty much covers it all. Click on the tab, Blissfully Learning, and you will find a section titled, Blogging. It includes a helpful article on HTML codes . . . which I knew nothing about recently. It is still like reading Greek, but I'm trying.

MOB Society - My friend Caroline clued me in to this lifesaver. "MOB" stands for Mom of Boys. If you've got one, you've got to check out this site. I've signed up for the newsletter and I love it. Each day's post is full of words of wisdom from other MOBs on how to deal with these loud and loveable creatures. How to do more than "deal" with them - how to raise them to love the Lord. It is wonderful, big stuff. I actually like the newsletter better than the site, because I find the graphics distracting. But, the Resources for Boys tab on the homepage is worth exploring - great recommended reading. I'm trying to decide on which book to order and where to start.

(In)courage - Another one I just happened to find; can't remember how. This site was launched by three women working at DaySpring, the Christian subsidiary of Hallmark. Kind of knew about DaySpring before this, but not really. Now I totally want to work there - or for (in)courage. They are in the middle of celebrating their one year anniversary, so visit the site and potentially win something during their 30 days of giveaways. I subscribed so that I get their daily posts via email, and boy are they encouraging. Just as intended.

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  1. I love (in)courage and the MOB society - both are part of my morning reading routine.