Warning Shot

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ever had one of those parenting moments where you realized you just escaped complete disaster?

I had one the other day, and all I could think (once it was over and I could breathe again) was, "That was a warning shot." I thought of it as a major tap on the shoulder from God, and I responded, "Yes, yes, I will do better. I promise. I promise. And thank you, thank you, dear Lord, for giving me a second chance."

Here is what happened: We ran into CVS to catch a deal on diapers. We exited with a cart, unusual for a CVS trip, but you know, the diapers. Little Guy was in the cart, and Big Guy held my hand as we crossed the parking lot. We got to our car, and I let go of Big Guy's hand. I opened the back door of the car, and a tennis ball bounced out.

Big Guy ran after it.

His reaction was instinctive: Ball = Chase! He moved with lightening speed. Ball, bounce, boy, run. I inhaled a huge amount of air and spun around. My baby was standing in the middle of the parking lot, holding the tennis ball. No cars were coming. No cars had come.

I exhaled some sort of wail that can only be described as maternal. Big Guy looked at me with huge eyes. I yelled at him and kissed him and hugged him, all at the same time. I made him repeat, over and over, "I do not chase balls in the parking lot." I told him if it ever happens again, he is to say, "Mama! There goes a tennis ball!" - and stay put.

We went over that about 50 times. Including again just now, as I'm writing this.

So here's the thing: we don't play tennis. I don't remember who purchased that container of tennis balls or why it was still in the back of the car. I don't know how it got open. But I do know that now, I faithfully obey the rule of Load Children First, Diapers Second.

And again, Thank You, God.
Post Script:
I wrote this post last week. Since then, red wine found its way onto my computer. I am waiting to see if said episode was just a "warning shot" or an actual complete disaster. I should know by Tuesday. Till then, this blog will hobble along with no pictures. But by golly, I will find a way to blog. I hope you will stay tuned. . .

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2 Responses to “Warning Shot”

  1. Had my own warning shot a couple of weeks ago - did you read about the dresser? It is so scary. Never thought of it in these terms, but you're exactly right. God taps us on the shoulder and we'd better be paying attention. Then again, we still haven't gotten that dresser anchored so perhaps the lesson didn't stick?
    p.s. I'm so excited that you're going five days a week! I'll never keep up with reading it right now, but bear with me. I'll comment when I can!

  2. Hi Brandee - Yes I did read about the dresser and you are right. . .warning shot! Or I don't know, maybe just a reminder that these things happen and thank goodness we are all okay. I'm so glad you will be "stopping by" whenever you can. Take care of those 3 peas! They are too cute.