Mom's Getaway

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bags packed, ready to go. Oh yes, I come bearing gifts.

The Getaway. I know women who go often (too much?) and others who never do. Should they? I suppose it depends on the person, the circumstances, and the opportunity. I honestly don't like to leave my family. But sometimes, I do.

A few days ago, I had the chance to see two of my college girlfriends who live about 3 hours away. It was a quick trip. I drove up on Saturday, and came back on Sunday, but it qualified as a refreshing break. The perfect getaway for me.

I enjoyed seeing my former housemates, my wonderful friends in person. Talk uninterrupted, thoughts completed, laughs shared. It was just what I meant when I wrote about making time for friends a few weeks ago. When they asked me to come, I initially hesitated, thinking, "Oh, can't do it now. Too busy. Maybe later. . ." But Future Courtney said, "Hey! You are going to make me wistful and disappointed. Go now!" So I did. And it was great. (Thank you, Future Courtney. You are usually right.)

One of the best parts of the trip was my time alone in the car. There was a point in my life where I dreaded that much time on the road. Not now. It was a chance for me to take a great big deep breath and think. I listened to whatever I wanted to on the radio, including A Prairie Home Companion. I thought about my friends back in Illinois, planning our 15 year high school reunion. I thought about how I couldn't go, but what it would be like if I did. I made a LOT of phone calls. I let my mind wander. I remembered some things that I need to do, and when I stopped to get gas, I wrote them down. I also treated myself to a Snickers and a Diet Coke. Each way.

I still feel extremely grateful for all aspects of that trip - the time alone, and the time with friends. The time away from my children, and our reunion 24 hours later. The fact that Hubby let me go, without complaint, and only asked that I "be safe and please come back."

Like I wouldn't come back! He makes me chuckle.

So, that was my recent real-life getaway. It wasn't long or expensive, but it was dreamy. And it got me thinking - If you could plan a Dream Getaway, where would you go? With who? For how long? Details, please!

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