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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I've never been a real music connoisseur. I know what I like, but if you ask me who sings it I probably can't answer. Thankfully, I married someone who is a bit more reliable in that department. He has broadened my horizons and kept me conversationally cool.

Depending on who I'm talking to.

The point is, don't take music advice from me. I'm just here to confess what I listen to when I'm in the car, and the kids are not yelling.

Which is rare.

And I'm talking about free radio, of course. I'm not savvy enough to have an IPod docked (that's what it is called, right?) in my car or satellite radio. I just flip around, and recently, I made some decisions by programming the following:

Station 1: Top 40, "Today's Hit Music" - Used to be my lifeblood. Now I find it mostly unpleasant. A sign that I'm getting older.

Station 2: Country - Thrown in for good measure. I get that craving every once in a while.

Station 3: NPR - Gotta stay informed. Plus classical music can calm the nerves. For the children of course. My nerves are always calm.

Station 4: "We Play Everything" - Sometimes good, and sometimes, oh-so-bad.

Station 5: "New Music and Quality Rock" - A station worth its weight in gold. It has real, live, local DJs who actually make the decisions about what to play and introduce me to new artists. It feels cool, and I like almost everything they play. But sometimes it is not kid friendly, so that leads me to. . .

Station 6: His Radio - Christian music. A big deal for me, because I had some preconceived notions that this was not "good" music. Which is kind of funny considering my disclaimer, above. (Remember, I can't name that tune?) I think my initial resistance to Christian music was that it made me uncomfortable. Because you know, that is for church, and here I am driving around trying to live my life. . . which doesn't sound too good once you actually say it out loud. So I gave it a shot and now, I actually enjoy it. The music is good, and helpful. Which you can't often say about a song. Plus, it is kid friendly - no awkward questions about, ""What does that mean?" Bonus.

So there you have it. My public confession about my radio dial. What is on yours?

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2 Responses to “On the Radio”

  1. I must confess, I still listen to top 40 although I find myself turning it down more and more in the car for the kids sake, but I like the morning talk part which is why it stays on (I am not much of a dialer) However, I also have country music which I love and lately have found one that is cool songs and was digging the little bit of Foreigner played. I am wishing that they will add a Dave or Steve FM that they have in ATL and some other cities. It would be nice to have a channel you could hear for 20 minutes without repeats. Also, on the Christian rock channel - I think you will be surprised how much has actually made it into the mainstream. :)

  2. Still listen to the top 40 although increasingly turn it to something else bc the song is terrible or raunchy and/or I have heard it 100times already. COuntry is nice everyone in a while. Love that NPR. Also used to love this 80s station but they pulled it from the air here. Big disappointment. What is crazy is that I've never heard another person suggest that Christian rock used to make them uncomfortable, but I'm kind of glad you did, bc that is EXACTLY how I used to feel. Now, I really like it. It is number 3 on my preset. I'll share some tunes I really like on my ipod, which is not docked...rather, it is connected through a tape (yes, I intended to type the word tape) and cord! I tried the FM docking thing and returned it bc it didn't work.