Tally Time

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time to see if I did Tuesday's To Do. . . .

I fixed Spaghetti Pie (with Broccoli and Carrot) and it was not successful.

I'm still not sure what went wrong. I followed the recipe, but mine did not look like the picture. It did not resemble "crunchy pizza," as the cartoon Seinfeld children say at the bottom of the page. It was soupy, and the meatballs had a greenish tint. (The meatballs "hid" the broccoli. Not so well.) The carrots were in the sauce. My children ate the sauce, but they eat carrots anyway, so zero points for Mom.

Big Guy actually ate a couple meatballs, after inquiring, "You mean dees gween things?"

Little Guy ate the noodles, but wouldn't go near the meatballs. I encouraged, tried bribery, made it a competition, but all he did was chant, "I DOAN LIKE IT!"

Not a whiny toddler chant, but a forceful, teenage-anger chant. Head back, fist in the air. Like, "Donna Martin Graduates!" (If you remember that ridiculously hilarious moment in TV history. . . )

I bent over the sink in laughter. And admitted defeat.

Problem is, I've got a freezer full of vegetable purees. Cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato, and carrot purees - bags of them, carefully measured into 1/4 cup portions. A taunting testament to my moment of overly domestic zeal.


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4 Responses to “Tally Time”

  1. Do you think there is someone out there who doesn't remember that TV history?! :)

    As for the purees, know anyone with a five month old? Good luck...

  2. Daniel Day is the one who pointed this out but today is 9/02/10, your choice of characters was well picked!

  3. Oh WOW. Totally didn't even think of it being 90210 day. That's kind of blowing my mind. Ha!