Tuesday's To Do

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Get ready for the Charleston Repeats consignment sale.

This is the first year I'm consigning. I am finally ready to part with some baby clothes, toys, and gear. I'm following their precise rules about labeling, tagging, hanging, and organizing - kind of intense. I am also making my list of desired items for shopping. I've gotten great deals at this sale the last two years, so I'm getting my game face on for this year.

I've also got a pile of adult clothes to go through. Some going to consignment, some to charity.

And I've already passed down other items to a baby cousin.


Thank goodness for the living room. More like the Staging Area for Mom's Current Project. That's the living room.

But what about you and all your stuff? (We can talk more about "living rooms" later.) Do you give away, pass down, consign? Do you ever buy things for your kids second-hand? Yourself? Have you been the lucky recipient of hand-me-downs? I have (thank you!). . . .Share your money-saving secrets!

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One Response to “Tuesday's To Do”

  1. As I read this post tonight (I'm back-reading... doing a little catch-up) my house is a disaster of children's clothing. The thunder outside has nothing on the storm of onesies, play clothes, dresses and pajamas that have settled all over the place. I am sitting next to a laundry basket of "outgrowns", Aaron is probably sitting between garbage sacks of "next seasons" and each of the children's rooms contain stacks of "put aways". It is insanity. But I feel fortunate to be in this state of disaster because nearly all of these clothes have been handed down or lent by cousins and friends. I have often said that I would never need to buy clothes for my girls. I mean this literally. Of course I do buy a few things for fun (often at a terrific second-hand store or off the clearance rack at Target) but it's such a relief knowing that we don't have to budget for our children's clothing. We are so blessed!