Monday, October 4, 2010

Three birthday cards.

We had a birthday party for Little Guy on Saturday. He is almost two. At some point, in the middle of his party, I realized that I cannot count. Let me count the ways:

(1) We ran out of plates. I swear I bought enough . . .
(2) We ran out of cake. In years past, I always had too much cake. This year, not enough.
(3) I didn't consider that the ice should arrive early, but the cake should not be revealed until you are ready to cut it. Ice early, cake late.
(4) The balloon centerpiece was too large for an outdoor party. Despite 3 additional weights, it threatened to blow away. Each gust caused extreme trauma for the birthday boy. I should have asked for six balloons instead of twelve.

Fortunately, I can count on family and friends. Let me count again:

(1) Some older children happily ate cake off paper towels.
(2) They also ate small slices of cake. Parents passed.
(3) People drank warm drinks and the kids seemed happy that the cake was cut first thing.
(4) Various menfolk caught and held the balloon boondoggle. Grown men look pretty cute holding balloons.

I could also count on family to run pre-party errands, to help me set up, and to clean up without being asked. I could count on friends to grab my camera and take pictures, watch the children as they ran around, and have fun no matter what.

Maybe one of these days I will plan and execute the perfect birthday party. Or, maybe we just had it.

I do know one thing: You can COUNT on me to go to tonight at 8 o'clock and let them pick a number for the coffee giveaway. I wouldn't dare use my mathematical skills at this point.

So, COUNT your blessings, cross your fingers, and Enter Now!

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