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Monday, October 11, 2010

Working in the car, outside one of my favorite "offices."

A lot of people ask me about my job. It is a curious thing. One I never could have predicted or planned. See, I am a lawyer by training. I worked in a tall building in Atlanta, GA, and did the whole 8am - 7pm thing for years. Then we moved to Richmond, VA, and I did it again, there. Then I had Big Guy, we moved here, and I for sure, without a doubt, did not want to go back to the daily grind. But I did not want to shut that door completely, and I needed to earn a little income. I considered teaching, but when I approached my former Atlanta boss for a recommendation, he said, "Why don't you just work in our Charleston office?"

I was shocked. I did not think that was a possibility. Then again, I had not asked. I had only assumed. (You know that is never a good idea.) So, I inquired, and I got what is often described as the best job in town. I work for my original firm, part time, from home. They basically send me the grunt work - the tedious, boring, non-glamourous "stuff" that has to get done. I love it. Well, love may be a strong word. I'm grateful for it. Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day for me to get it all done. Sometimes I'm begging for more. What I appreciate is how I can squeeze it in when the kids are at preschool, when they are asleep, and even when they are watching cartoons.

When I think about how I got here, it never fails to stop me in my tracks. What makes me shake my head is that the prompt I needed to "think outside the box" came from the unlikeliest of characters. My former boss expected work on Saturdays, face time, and loyalty. He worked hard, and expected me to do the same. I did not think that the words "part time" were in his vocabulary. Turns out, he was more forward thinking than I.

So did I get lucky? I think so.

Could it be an example of what God has in store, even when I don't think certain things are possible? Yes.

Should I start looking at other parts of my life in this way? Should I look for the opportunities, even in places where my mind says, "That would never work,"?

Yes and yes.

What opportunities is God showing you in your life? Who is he using to reach you? Are you open to the possibilities?

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