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Friday, October 8, 2010

Coupons, grocery lists, and meal planning - oh my!

Just another exciting Thursday night. I'm surrounded by my organized mess, getting ready for the "food week" ahead. I've noticed that (like my other lists) the "Blogs" tab on my Bookmark bar is getting longer. Here are a few of my new favorite sources for domestic inspiration:

Heavenly Homemakers - A neighbor recommended this to me, after she passed along a recipe that came from this blog. The cooking section is great, but I find this mom of 4 boys to be an inspiration just because she is a mom of 4 boys. Plus, she originated (I think) the popular blogging concept of Gratituesday. Worth it to at least check this one out every Tuesday.

Hannah Keeley - Recommended by a good Furman friend. This dynamo graduated from Furman, lives in one of our former hoods (Rich-MOND) and has 7 kids. Whew! She is big time - appearances on the Today Show, Rachel Ray, etc. I visit her site when I'm feeling lazy and need a kick in the pants. Plus she's got some great thoughts on faith.

Frugal Family Fun Blog - This one had me at "hello." I discovered it when Simple Mom mentioned it not long ago. I'm wondering how I lived without it. I like how the mom (Valerie) gives detailed instructions. Essential for non-crafty me. Bonus: her glasses and cup of coffee make me feel like we would be friends. Now if only she would come over and actually do the crafts for me. . .

Do you have some favorite websites to share? Please do. And here is a random question for you: What did you do on Thursday night?

Have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to “This and That”

  1. My exciting Thursday evening was bell choir practice and then menu planning for weekend tailgating for 8.

  2. We caught up on our DVR'ed shows. Modern Family, The Office, The Middle. They are all too funny!