Tuesday's To Do

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Write an overdue thank you note.

I owe mine to a wonderful lady named Sarah, who has known me since birth. My parents lived next door to her when I was born. She babysat occasionally, or just helped my stay-at-home mom in a neighborly way. We moved when I was three, but she has sent me a birthday card, every year since. In all the different places I have lived - through college, law school, and all those moves, somehow her card has always arrived. It always makes me smile.

I have not seen her in years, but she is a constant in my life. Isn't that amazing? I appreciate her dedication so much. This year, I am overdue on my return note to her - mostly because I wanted to include a picture of the boys, but you know about me and photos. Time to stop fretting about the details and just write her a note, already!

Do you owe someone a handwritten note? Maybe today is the day to write it.

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One Response to “Tuesday's To Do”

  1. Oh my stars!!! I could help you with a picture of you and your boys had I remembered to send the ones I took of you this summmer!!! What is wrong with me?! I WILL right my wrong tomorrow. :)