Tally and Tell

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time to see if I did Tuesday's To Do. . .


Right at 7am.

The voting line provides interesting people watching. I saw car mechanics in uniform, and a retired Army man in issued work out gear complete with a crisp "Army" baseball hat and white athletic socks pulled up high. (You know the type.) I saw a family with three children in tow. I saw professionals dressed in suits, and other people who looked like me - no make up and coffee in hand. I saw a middle aged guy with long, dirty hair, and quite a few church ladies. I saw a lot of people, and they all made me proud to be an American.

Did you vote?
Long line? Interesting people?
Nice poll workers? Not so nice?
Did anyone or anything make you proud of our country on Tuesday?

Do tell.

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One Response to “Tally and Tell”

  1. Dad and I didn't have to wait in line at our polling place (some people we've talked to had to wait in long lines for early voting - go figure), a nice cross-section of life came and went as we voted, everything was on the up and up, and most of our chosen candidates won. I was (am) thrilled to be an American with this right to elect our country's highest public servants. May those we voted into office fulfill their obligation to serve us with integrity and intelligence.