You know you are a mom when. . .

Monday, November 29, 2010

I hope you all enjoyed an awesome Thanksgiving weekend. I did, and I savored my blogging break. To be sure, I spent time cleaning up the site, planning some posts, and taking photos for my family blog. But true to my word, the computer spent a lot more time in the bedroom than "normal," and I felt more present with my family.

That was nice.

But, all that time with my family (I love them!) made a certain phrase pop into my head repeatedly: You know you are a mom when . . .

I couldn't help it. A list formed on its own.

You Know You Are a Mom When:
(1) You wake up with Kindermusik songs in your head. Every day.
(2) You finally get a haircut scheduled, and it is thrilling.
(3) You get used to doing laundry. Every day.
(4) You read the same story twice a day, for two and a half months. (Not that you would count the days, or anything.)
(5) You feel great shame when your child says, "Why is my book in the trash?" You take it out of the trash.
(6) You wake up early to make blueberry muffins, just because.
(7) At the same time, you convince your children that cereal is an extra-special treat, because the muffin thing can't happen every day.
(8) Your Thanksgiving "thankful for" list includes the fact that your son taps his foot in time when he sings any song. You are most thankful that it simply happens - he hasn't noticed it yet.
(9) You realize that you are marveling over a foot, and though it seems ridiculous, it is precious to you.
(10) You shake your head because you are becoming sentimental over every last thing and my goodness you are going to make yourself crazy! So, you go do some more laundry.

How do you know when you are a mom?

Giving Day 29 - Here is a fun challenge for today, give something to a mom! It doesn't have to cost a thing: a phone call, a hug, a note or just a word of encouragement. You might consider heading over to A Holy Experience and downloading Ann Voskamp's Jesse Tree Journey. It is a free Advent devotional e-book, with gorgeous illustrations and Ann's amazing writing. It would make a wonderful gift for anyone, including yourself. I plan to read it this month, and I know it is going to set a beautiful tone.

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3 Responses to “You know you are a mom when. . .”

  1. We are going to do the Jesse tree this year! I saw it last year on several blogs and am excited about doing it with the kids. Glad y'all had a good Thanksgiving!

  2. I love the thing about the haircut! So true!! When my kids were littler, going to the dentist was like spa day :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Nancy - So cool that you are doing it with your kids. I am reading it myself and it is just awesome.

    Esther - Thanks for your comment! My haircut is tomorrow and while it won't be anything drastic, I truly cannot wait :)