Tally Time - The Cards

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Time to see if I did Tuesday's To Do . . .

I loved all the comments on Tuesday! So many great ideas. I actually tried to imitate Beth's filing system last year, but failed miserably. It comforts me to know that she has my family cards, especially since I cannot locate any past 2008. (Thanks, Beth!) I still have the cards we received last year, so I may at least save them until I can decide on some kind of saving/filing system of my own. . .

This year, we are displaying our cards received in a new way: taped on the wall around our door frames. I hope to surround the living room entryway and family room entryway before the season ends.

Also, a note about making it personal. I didn't see the article Andrea mentioned, but I get it. Since we have moved a few times, we send cards to many families we no longer see. Our Christmas correspondence is it. So, I tried to connect in a slightly more personal way this year with a newsletter. That being said, I may go back to the lovely and efficient photo card next year. I haven't saved any money doing it this new way, and it is much more labor intensive.

Finally, in the middle of working on my Christmas cards on Tuesday night, I remembered, "Big Guy's birthday invitations!"


He's got a birthday, "after Jesus," (as he likes to say), and a lifetime of combined presents to anticipate. I hate to say.

The invitations were actually pretty much done on my trusty Mac, but I needed to finalize, print and cut them - all in time to place them in all his classmates' bags on Wednesday. Whew.

So, I got that done, but the Christmas cards are "paused" in the T section of my address book. Almost done, but not quite!

How are your cards coming along?
Any more ideas to share?

Do tell.

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2 Responses to “Tally Time - The Cards”

  1. Oh, Courtney, you brought a tear to your mom's eye... Your dear great-grandmother Ada used to display their Christmas cards around door frames. I know you remember her, but we never shared a Christmas at her house after you were born. (But Easters in Mississippi were nice!) As a little girl myself, when we'd arrive from Chicago to visit at Christmas, one of the first things I wanted to do was look at all the Christmas cards. I even remember my dad lifting me up to see the higher ones. I'm sure you remember that my mother alway had hers in a special big basket, as did her mother, and as I do too. Maybe I'll go back to Ada's tradition one day. I think Christmas cards are a beautiful tradition to keep up, no matter how you send them or enjoy those that others send!

  2. Well my letter didn't happen but I did write a personal note (one or two sentences) in each card. I looked through my Real Simple and found the article. It is in the Modern Manners section of the December issue on page 113 if you want to see it.