Tally Time - Water!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Time to see if I did Tuesday's To Do . . .

This was a "to do" for you, and you did! Thanks to those who clicked on the Give Water box over there, and by all means, keep clicking. This program is going on for some time, so join in!

May I also say, in a note of complete randomness, that yesterday was my kids' last day of preschool until January.

Writing that made me shutter.

We've got lots to do, but you know, we ALL love preschool, so it will be missed. Anyhow, during my last three hours of alone time, I got a smidge of work done, and I went to the post office. I went to stand in line, buy holiday stamps, and finally mail my cards.

But they were out of holiday stamps.

So, I thanked God that my children weren't with me as I waited for nothing, and then I bought a LOT of Boy Scouts stamps. Merry Christmas, Happy Scouting - we'll just go with it.

Then I went to Big Guy's first ever Christmas pageant (awesome!) and came home to a clean house. Monthly cleaning service was here. Double awesome!

Then I ate Doritos in my clean house while the children napped. I really don't think life gets any better than that, so I just had to share it.

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