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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We've got a theme for this Works for Me Wednesday - holiday gift or tip ideas!

So, what works for me?

God Smiled, a personalized children's book from Mustard Seed books. It is a hardcover story of a child's birth, personalized with their name, family names, the child's favorite toys, descriptions of the child, etc. It is written to grow with the child - so a two year may love it now but a six year old may really "get it" later: that he or she is a child of God, and God smiled when he or she was born. I can't wait to give it to Little Guy for Christmas.

What also works for me?

Giveaways! I actually won God Smiled through a giveaway on Internet Cafe Devotions. Which, I must confess, is freaking me out a bit - because that is the third giveaway I've won in the last couple months. And I am not a chronic-giveaway-enterer. (Promise.)

Here is where I try to convince you: It all started when I entered Britton's chalkboard giveaway (my first ever!)- and won. I think that win sprinkled magic dust on me. I read a lot of blogs, and there are soooo many giveaways. I usually pass, but I have impulsively entered 4 or 5 since Britton's, and I have won two! One being the "bundle" package from Internet Cafe Devotions with God Smiled, and two - a Christmas CD from Inspired to Action.

I'm knocking on wood all over the place. And, so you don't think I'm a greedy freebie hog - I do plan on giving away many of the items coming to me. Of course, now you may think I'm a cheap re-gifter. . .

(Sigh.) I should stop talking now, right?

Your takeaways from this post should be:
(1) Go to and order God Smiled. It would make a perfect Christmas gift for a godchild, or your own precious little one.
(2) Enter a giveaway! You could start by heading over to Simple Living Media's Home for the Holidays. I am a huge fan of Tsh Oxenreider's Simple Mom, Simple Kids, Simple Organic. . . the whole bit. Always good and helpful information. This giveaway program is quality and generous - I have unashamedly entered a lot!

Now. I've undone all of my "convincing," but it was only in the interest of helping you win great stuff. If you enter, it will decrease my odds of becoming a real life greedy freebie hog.

Snort, snort.

What holiday gift or tips work for you?

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