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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It is Works for Me Wednesday, and do you know what works for me?

Moldy Mice

Ah, the joys of marriage. I had no idea what Hubby was talking about when he first mentioned these little creations to me years ago. A terrible name, but oh how he loves them.

He pointed me towards Charleston Receipts (his copy, mind you) and I discovered a quaint recipe with helpful instructions like, "Flour nuts and put together." It mentions vanilla in the ingredients, but never tells you what to do with it. Hubby associates these cookies with Christmas, for some reason (I should ask his mother), and he wanted them.

As a young wife, I was stumped by "flour nuts" so I offered other Christmas cookies. He ended up making Moldy Mice for himself. So this year, I made a vast display of my love by surprising him with Moldy Mice one night.

Romantic, huh?

He was tha-rilled.

Here is how it all went down:

into the oven,
then rolled in powdered sugar,
and -

If you live in Charleston and don't have a copy of Charleston Receipts, well, shame on you. Go pretty much anywhere and buy one, today. If you don't live in Charleston, go to and order one. It is more than a cookbook - it is a history book and it will make you laugh out loud. Take this Gullah poem at the beginning of the Pie section:

Your fav'rite man demands an apple pie?
Then scan the best receipts with searching eye, -
Transparent Tarts, Rum Pie, or Bakewell Tart?
What matter if it seems to satisfy?
For often, by ignoring the behest,
You may convince him Wifie knoweth best!

Though it seems that in my case, Hubby convinced me that he knoweth best with those Moldy Mice. . . enjoy!

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