Tally Time

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tuesday's To Do . . . is still in progress.

: Finish Up the Clean Up!

Cannot cross if off. I'm close. Full of excuses, but close.

Little Guy got a "big boy bed" this week, so there is a naked crib in the middle of his room. It doesn't fit through the door. We are waiting on someone to take it apart, move it through the door, and do something with it.

It may take a while.

Once the crib is out, I've got the living room piles to deal with . . . hopefully a few trips to various drop off points next week will take care of it. We'll see.

In other Tally Time news: I went to my first Go Figure class in the new studio on Tuesday and it was awesome! The space is beautiful and calming. Katie is such an encouraging teacher. I am sore, but it feels good. I got some more "First Class is Free" passes, so just comment below and I will send one your way. Seriously, that easy.


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  1. OOHH- definitely want to go to one of these classes with you!