Tuesday's To Do

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

: Finish Up the Clean Up!

Organized Simplicity has a plan to de-clutter your home in 10 days. It basically involves a major overhaul, room by room.

I am at least 8 days behind, if we say that I started on January 1st. But, I am making progress and I want to show you.

Now. I couldn't bare to photograph certain parts of my house. They just aren't blog-worthy. And since I'm making such a big deal about it, I'm not certain that the areas I photographed are blog-worthy either, but well, no one ever said that this blog is about design. Here you go:

Laundry Room (aka Laundry Closet) Before:

and After:

I decided I could part with two shirts, which have been awaiting the iron for over a year, and two sweaters with stains I intended to remove, last winter. Gone!

Home Office (aka Corner of Master Bedroom) Before:

and After:

I sent Hubby to his office with a big ole stack of stuff, and I shredded a ton. Shredding is oddly therapeutic. I'm sure I should get rid of more, but this is reality.

I've also tackled Big Guy's room and the coat/linen/catchall closet. The only room left is Little Guy's, and it is a doozy because that is where I keep all the kids' seasonal clothes, and the baby gear that we are keeping "just in case." Lots of reality facing and sorting to do there.

Plus, I've got to figure out where to take the enormous pile of donate/sell stuff cluttering my living room. . .

Actually, I know where I'm going to take it; I've just got to DO it.
Are you working on a tidy house for the new year?
How do you do it?

P.S. I'm so excited! I'm joining this book club and I just ordered the first book. Check it out if you want to participate. It looks fantastic.

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2 Responses to “Tuesday's To Do”

  1. I ordered that book too! I am excited about it! We'll have to chat....

  2. I think I am going to try to read it too. We will have to email about it together. Also I still have not started the Organized Simplicity book! I have got to get going on it!