WFMW: The Un-Perfect Christmas

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Its Works for Me Wednesday, and there is a theme today - What doesn't work. So, what doesn't work for me?

Trying to be Perfect

Our Christmas was pretty great, but it wasn't perfect. There were little uh-ohs along the way, and most of them made me laugh. Here are just a few:

(1) Candles in the cupboard - Earlier in December, we had a small party at our house. I tried my best to prepare for it ahead of time. I bought food, decorations, paper products, and favors, and put them all away. I made mason jar candles to light the front steps, and I put them in the cupboard. When party day came, I got everything out, and we had a great time. I almost forgot the favors, but at the last minute remembered.

One week later, I found the mason jar candles in the cupboard, still waiting for the party to start. Oops.

The good news? They were pretty when I lit them just for us. And we've got lots of epsom salt now.

(2) 24 hours early - I have little boys, and even though they naturally love trucks, dirt and wrestling, I am determined to expose them to the civilized side of life. Big Guy actually enjoys music, and he has reached an age where he can sit still for a very short period of time. So, I decided that he and I should have a special Mother/Oldest Son date, and attend a "Classical Kids" concert. It was set to last 45 minutes, featuring flute, cello and violin, playing kid-friendly Christmas music, with some storytelling thrown in for good measure. I got a babysitter for Little Guy, and I got us dressed up and downtown. As we walked towards the venue I started to get a strange feeling. The street felt . . . empty. I checked my calendar. The concert was on the 23rd, and we were there on the 22nd.


The good news? We had an ice cream date on the 22nd, and he loved the concert on the 23rd. At least we weren't 24 hours late.

(3) The Pantry - As I was cooking dinner on December 23rd, getting ready for my parents to arrive, I heard a distinctive plink-tink-tink sound coming from the pantry behind me. I knew it was one of those darn plastic brackets that hold up the shelves. I thought I had better find it and fix it before something bad happens. I was wiping off my hands when,

- CRASH! -

Total collapse. (Of course I took a picture. What?) It was loud enough to make both of my kids jump up from their cartoon and come running to see.

So, what could I do but start unloading everything? Luckily I have a two year old who thought lining up the canned goods as I handed them to him was the best job ever. Only to be topped by handing the cans back to me as I stacked them on our last secure solid surface - the top of the refrigerator. (Picture it - beans, rice, cereal and cooking oil on top of the fridge. Classy!)

The good news? We are blessed with so much food that the pantry collapsed. Even better? Hubby was working 1/2 days and was in a fix-it mood. Everything is repaired now and stronger than before. I even have an extra shelf.

Did you have any holiday uh-ohs?
Got something to share which doesn't work for you?

Or, are you perfect?

(Oh come on, I'm just kidding. . . )

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One Response to “WFMW: The Un-Perfect Christmas”

  1. HA HA! You crack me up, Court. You live a blessed life bc you are alway seeking that silver lining. :)