Tuesday's To Do

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

: Schedule a Haircut

I'm terrible about this. I put it off, and put it off, until I can't take it any more. I become desperate for an appointment, but it is so hard to find time. It doesn't seem worth the expense of a sitter, so I wait until the kids are in preschool. Then those appointments are hard to come by. . .

Out come my scissors.

Yes, I've done that. Recently. The truth is, I have hair issues. I'm never completely satisfied with the way my hair looks, but I'm never disgruntled enough to spend a lot of time on it.

I flounder in ho-hum hair land. With no end in sight. . . but I'll make the appointment.
What about you? Have you got your hair figured out, or are you still struggling? What was your biggest hair mistake?

I'll go first: Hair is not figured out. Biggest mistake was the middle school perm with big bangs. Turns out, it was really a mullet. But I thought it looked great at the time!

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7 Responses to “Tuesday's To Do”

  1. This is on my to do list as well. My hair dresser moved to Myrtle Beach over the summer so I have not had a haircut since June. Luckily I have boring straight hair so no one has noticed.

  2. I live in Winston-Salem and have found a great salon with evening hours. Helps out a lot! I feel pampered, no sitter, Daddy gets one-on-one time with my 2year old and I don't have to wash my hair the next day! :)

  3. I HATED my hair for years. Long/short, blonde/red/brunette, bangs/no bangs, permed/flat iron/hot rollers. Been there, done that. I was in total dispair until I stumbled upon *Shirley* and the clouds parted, the angels sang and I got the most amazing hair style ever. Shirley has been with me through pregnancy hair, growing out bangs, getting back to my roots and keeping me moderately stylish along the way. I'll give you her number, she is unbelievable!

  4. This is so funny, I am a hair dresser and when people sit in my chair (as a cliente calls it, the scissor fairy gets ahold of her head) it becomes like confession time in my chair. I love it. "I did this, I did that, I hate this, I hate that!"
    So, I say to you....find a hairdresser that can speak your language.

    On the mullet subject? I have a little boy cliente who wants this! I hate it, but this is precisely what he wants!I will try to do a more in version and he specifically tells me long from ears back and he wants to see his ears...I pray every time that he tells his mom did it not me~ha!
    Hope your hair turns out great today, have fun with it!

  5. I just got a hair cut that I wasn't wild about. It was a great cut but a very different style. Now that it has been a few weeks I love it.

  6. Thanks for stopping over at my place yesterday. Wandering around a bit here, and this caught my attention. I often say that one of the root causes of violent crime has to be people waiting too long between haircuts. One day, the bangs have gotten way too long and otherwise decent people just snap. Anyway, that's my theory. Off to get a trim today, having waited too long! Nice to meet you. Blessings.

  7. Sometimes it is hard to find a good haircut person since we have moved so many times! I have a tendency to put off haircuts because of fear!