Tuesday's To Do

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

:Put the focus on YOU!

What is our your list today? Perhaps:
  • Grocery shopping
  • Important meeting
  • Call the plumber
  • Organize desk
  • Make cupcakes for school
  • Clean the kitchen
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Totally what it looks like when I'm done.

Share something from your To Do list for today. You may jog someone else's memory ("Yes, I was meaning to do that myself!") or maybe you'll have an answer for someone else's need ("Did you know you can get that at Target?").

Your task feels much more fun when you put it out there in blog-land.


See you in the comments!

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3 Responses to “Tuesday's To Do”

  1. Gym, laundry (laundered AND put away!), organize coupons, Target (diapers, 'BIG girl jammas' for Madeline), update blog about big girl PJs, & outside play after naps...I hope I can report back that all of these tasks were checked off the list. :) Enjoyed 2/28's recap on relationships -- you inspire me to look at my own relationships.

  2. Grocery shopping, refrigerator organizing, park, work on playground fundraising for church and order tervis tumblers for my mom. Got most of it done but had more one on one time with my son with the extra time so it was a win win kind of day.

  3. You two inspire ME! Hope you got it all done. Love that you got some extra time with the little guy, Andrea. That is always a bonus :)