Tally Time

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tuesday's To Do . . . is done.

: Consign!

OH yeah, I consigned. I stood in line, crab-walked my way down cramped aisles, said "Excuse me, so sorry," and "It's okay, no problem," 87 times. I saw friends, intense mamas, overwhelmed husbands, and burned out kids. I consigned.

A portion of my loot:

Very happy with all the big-boy britches and shirts for Big Guy. Really sad about how it is starting to look like a miniature version of Hubby's closet.

Big Guy is growing up in all ways. I usually save his amusing quotes for my private blog, but this one seems worth sharing here. He's been talking about angels, Heaven, and dying lately. Not in an upset or scared way; just curious. He's asked about relatives in Heaven, and when we will get to see them. Still, I was a bit surprised when, right after discussing firetrucks, he told me at lunch the other day, "I want to see God."

I immediately thought of what I've been reading in One Thousand Gifts. How we can't lay eyes on God here, but we can see Him in so many ways . . . how Ann writes, about a conversation with her own son, "(I)t is all a Jacob-wrestle to see God in the faces we face. How do I help my son, so thirsty?" (page 133)

But before I could respond, or really process all that, Big Guy continued, "I want to go up to Heaffen and see God." Just matter-of-fact.

So I said, "Well, it will be a long time before that happens. But we can see God now in his creation all around us. The birds, the sky, the ocean . . ."

He pipes in, "And the animals and people."

"Yes," I replied. "People are the most important creation of all." He smiled at me, "One day I'll go up to Heaven and be an angel and watch over you."

I considered clasping my heart, letting out a wail and dying, but then he started spitting at his brother, and that was the end of that.

About 36 hours later, I read this:

No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us. I John 4:12

Yes! That is what I forgot. Love one another. What a beautiful response to a 4 year old's announcement, "I want to see God." I do, too. And, as it turns out, we can.

That is what is on my Mama's Heart. (Click there to read from others at It's Grace.) I'm grateful for my Big Guy who asks tough questions. I hope that next time, my answer will be more complete.

Do your kids ever surprise you with tough questions or deep thoughts? Is your response ever complete?

Linking up Monday's post with Faith Barista, today. And in case you missed it, I also linked that post with Soli Deo Gloria on Tuesday.

Go visit them and get inspired. . . In case this scattered post about consigning, theology-over-PB&Js, linking-up didn't totally do it for you!

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4 Responses to “Tally Time”

  1. You "done good" on the consigning, and thanks for sharing about precious little Hugh. You were like that in your questions about God when you were a little girl. Remember wanting to stop and pray at a pretty gazebo during a walk through the Elizabethan Gardens on Roanoke Island when you were five? Good memory.

  2. Oh my..such a sweet boy. Kids are so curious about Heaven and God and how it all works.

    My heart jumped at the comment he said about going to Heaven and being an angel and looking out for you. That sounds like something my boy would say.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart with us today..hope you'll join in again next week.

    Hope you have a blessed day, Erin

  3. My daughter has told me exactly what heaven looks like on several occasions. I don't argue with her!

  4. I love this...and I've been reading and blogging about Ann's amazing book...this was the last chapter I did...it is incredible to realize how many layers of His beauty we miss and Big Guy's sweet words, sounds like my big guy and the I John passage was our 'wedding theme'...it is great to be reminded to apply that to all of our family...

    so nice to 'meet' you from Erin's:)