WFMW: House Rules

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Works for Me Wednesday, and do you know what works for me?

House Rules

I can't remember where I first read or heard about making house rules. Maybe it was The Confident Mom, or Super Nanny, or Positive Parenting Solutions, or many other places that I just can't find right now . . .

I'm certain I thought about it at least three hundred times before I actually did it. Then somewhere along the way, in the midst of boy challenges, I admitted my need for a piece of construction paper on my refrigerator, with three basic rules for our most common behavior issues.

In a moment of desperation (or was it empowerment?), I picked up a marker, and wrote:

My children cannot read.

They do not remember rules.

But I can read, and now I can remember the rules!

See, the House Rules are totally for me. Sure, I made a production of putting them up. I marched the boys into the kitchen, and spoke to their upturned faces. I pointed to the words and did my best Serious Teacher impression. They nodded, and repeated, "Yes m'am." Then they asked for a snack and ran away. 27 minutes later, someone stole a toy, started wrestling, or freaked out. Maybe all three, I can't remember.

But I did remember, "House Rules! Oh happy day, my instructions are right here! I don't have to figure it out all over again. I already made the rules - now I just need to enforce them!"

I can't tell you the relief I felt. I practically skipped down the hall to separate the squabblers and remove the toy. Well, I didn't skip . . . but I was calm. I was peaceful. I was a calm and peaceful enforcer of consequences.

It was awesome, and it remains awesome.

House Rules: my secret to sanity when the boys wrestle, freak, or steal.

Which, if you have boys, you may know, that pretty much covers the bad behavior. . . everything else is easy peasy. Right?

Right? . . . I hear crickets.
Do House Rules work for you?
How do you keep it all straight when chaos strikes?

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6 Responses to “WFMW: House Rules”

  1. Ha! I love it!! I totally need to slap a piece of construction paper on my fridge!

  2. GREAT tip! gonna try and get them to write them down...

  3. mine are still tiny, and i feel like the rule i reiterate over and over and over again is Do Not Reach Up High And Grab Things. i think we need better consequences because that one is broken constantly. oh, parental joys;)

  4. Must do this FOR ME. And then I am going to make me a travel size travel size shampoo...only travel size rules.

  5. House rules are a GREAT idea for boys! My sons are older now, and they remember them well - so they did their job, I think!

  6. House rules are a GREAT idea for boys! My sons are older now, and they remember them well - so they did their job, I think!