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Monday, April 4, 2011

The April edition of Newby Mom is out and we are talking about food, healthy eating, and a healthy lifestyle. I decided to write about family dinners. Such a fun topic, especially when a quick Google search leads you to information like this:

Yes! The utensil which spreads the butter is called the butter spreader. Good to know. Also, be sure to place your two year old's water goblet on the inside of his knife, not the outside. Helps to prevent spills. Read on for more delightful, and slightly less sarcastic, tips.

Your next family meal is going to be fantastic!
Few phrases strike as much anxiety, dread and guilt into the hearts of young mothers as, “the importance of family meal time.” We have trouble getting our entire family around the table, and being the only adult with children can be mind numbing. Meals with little ones are not rejuvenating. They are feeding sessions, messy and exhausting.

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5 Responses to “Around the Table”

  1. One of the hardest things about family meal time for me is not everyone talking at once. We usually eat right when my husband gets home and so he and I want to talk, but of course the kids do, too, and it all gets so very loud! I think we need to be intentional about every getting their turn in the spotlight, so to speak.

  2. Very nice call to action regarding meals together. Don't worry about perfection in the process, just get started practicing! Thanks!

  3. Ahh, last night's family meal time include a flying sippy cup, an accident at the table, and the typical. . ."what kind of meat is this, anyway?" question.

    Great time for all. Sigh.

    Clicking over to read your work now!

  4. I agree with is HARD in the age we live in to sit around the table. I aim to do it and we do...for a time then slip back into not again. I AM simplifying lots of things though which is helping me to have more time for prepping real food meals. I'm sad my kids aren't little have such a precious time to redeem back. It is worth giving up many things to do this family your post today;)

  5. I'm in a "been there, done that" position with this article. Those of us who have our children grown well remember the days of little ones around the table. When parents of small children have been invited to our home, I try to give the young mother a break. I seat the parents together at the table, then have the children sit next to my husband and I so we can fill plates, answer questions and refill cups. When finished the children are excused to play with quiet toys until dessert is served, allowing adult conversation for the parents. I do the same when meeting young parents at a restaurant. My purse holds quiet toys to entertain the children. I have found such blessing in this gift to young parents, born out of my own needs while young.

    This is a great article.