Tuesday's To Do - Flowers

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Put Flowers in My Pots

Last summer, I planted snapdragons in three pots in my backyard. I watered, fertilized, fussed and cared. Two of them died almost immediately. The third one survived, bloomed a bit, but didn't look all that great. It shared space with a geranium, and sort of hid in its shadow.

At the end of the summer, when the geranium was fried, I pulled it from the pot. The snapdragon still looked green, so I left it.

And forgot about it.

Imagine my surprise when, nearly five months later, it started to do this:

It survived all winter, all alone. . . except for two boys poking and prodding at it every once in a while.

I'm thinking of writing P. Allen Smith and telling him to revise his section on snapdragons. Clearly abandonment with a side of torture is the key.

Are you planting spring flowers yet?
What are your favorites?

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One Response to “Tuesday's To Do - Flowers”

  1. Your flowers are beautiful. Since we are renting this house until June, we will not be planting flowers, and it makes me sad. I love, love, love spring and flowers!