Tuesday's To Do - Unpack

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We just got back from a lovely weekend trip visiting family for Easter. The children played with cousins, got spoiled by their grandparents, and somehow made it through the entire Easter service on my parents' second row pew.


We had a great time. We arrived with a lot, but left with more. More affection, more connection, and more stuff.

Seriously? My mom's cleaning out = my accumulation!

As I surveyed the piles last night I realized that unpacking can be the hardest part of any trip. There is so much to sort, organize, and place.

Empty suitcase means a pile of dirty clothes must be around here somewhere . . .

Even though it is a lot of work, unpacking can also be wonderful. We made memories, which I hope the boys will tuck away and cherish. I hope they will unpacked those memories many years from now when they let their minds go wandering back . . .

I remember Easters as a kid. We usually drove from Illinois to Mississippi to see extended family. I remember Easter egg hunts on Aunt Myra's front lawn.
My brother and me, Easter 1981, Mississippi

I remember being mesmerized my everyone's accent, and how they actually said, "Y'all come back and see us now!" I remember a distant cousin telling me that she wanted to be a jeweler when she grew up. I thought that was so cool. I'd never thought of that career before. I was enchanted. I remember always a new dress, always squeaky new shows and always an Easter basket.

I remember love and fun, and those have been great memories to unpack.

What are your favorite Easter memories?
What Easter memories do you hope your children will look back and "unpack" one day?

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7 Responses to “Tuesday's To Do - Unpack”

  1. I hadn't thought much about Easter memories, but something did happen this Easter that I really treasure and hope it becomes ingrained --

    The kids sat with us at the service because there was no children's church that day. In the car on the way home, my oldest (6) was drawing and writing on a piece of paper. When we got home she read what she had written and I asked her where she copied it from. She said she wrote it -- it was what she had heard in the sermon (she was listening??). It was a simple retelling, but in her heart, I know she got it. She wrote exactly like this:
    Jesus rised from the dead! God rose Jesus in 3 days. Mary Madelane saw Jesus had rose! The Angel told Mary "Jesus went to gailee. You will see him there."

  2. that photo is priceless!

    i remember church with big brass and flower arrangements, and easter dinners at my grandma's when my grandpa was living, with pie, croquet, white hates, and lace socks. thinking about it all makes me smile:)

    so glad you linked.

  3. Oh Courtney,
    I hope you have that picture framed!

    You know, I don't have a ton of Easter memories as a child. I guess one of my favorites was going to Kmart and picking out Easter Hats with my sister. I remember there being a giant bin of hats, and we tried on hat after hat.

    My favorite Easter memory as an adult was attending an outdoor, sunrise service in Colorado. It was super simple and yet really powerful.

  4. Wonderful picture! My grandparents had a large backyard, and I had a lot of cousins. We had a huge area to hunt for Easter eggs, some filled with candy. It was so much fun! I can still picture it today...

  5. We had a nice trip to visit extended family this Easter as well. It's always nice to come home even if it does mean I'll be conquering mt. washmore for a few days! ;)

    My sweet mama was so good to get into the spirit and celebrate each and every season. Easter was no exception growing up. I loved the tradition of shopping with her to get a new easter dress and shoes, and of course an easter egg hunt that was always completed with a scavenger hunt to find one BIG egg (a bigger gift wrapped up with tin foil to resemble an egg - ha!) the most memorable 'big egg' gift was a barbie and the rockers barbie doll.

    She always took a photo of me in front of my play house to show how much I'd grown - i have more photos of that on Easter vs. the first day of school come to think of it! :)

  6. What joy it is to return home, but also a bit bittersweet as you remember all the good times you had with your loved ones.

    I have memories like that also, and they are fun to 'unpack them' once in a while.

    Welcome back!


  7. My memories are always Ham for dinner at Easter with the whole family and everyone then watching the Ten Commandments. For a family that didn't follow, it is sometimes unbelievable that we did that.