Embracing Reality

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Embracing Reality.

I got a new camera cord. I've been busy uploading a bunch of pictures from our Chicago trip and posting them on my private blog. In the process, I felt inspired to post this there:

Disclaimer: While in Chicago, I made an obvious decision. This blog is going to be our official family photo album. I've spent a lot of time on it, and I enjoy it. I have not spent much time on actual photo albums. I dislike the process of printing out and/or ordering photos and putting them in an album. I find it stressful and taxing. As a result our photo albums stop before (Little Guy's) birth. They are stored on a shelf below a drawer full of random photos covered in post-it notes. The entire thing is my Cabinet of Shame.

No more. I am going to embrace reality and just go with this blog as our family album. I'm going to spend the money (not much, it turns out) to print it out in book form by year. And I'm going to put those books on a shelf (proudly) and be done with it. I will still print out or order actual photos for frames or maybe create a special (small!) album for a trip, but otherwise - this is it. So prepare yourself for a few more photos here, starting with this trip. Unfortunately, that includes photos of me fresh out of bed, sans-make up.

So, that is what I wrote on my private blog this week. I felt called to share it here because don't we all have Cabinets of Shame?

Would you like to see mine?

Here it is:

Except now I'm calling it the Monument to Things Best Left Undone. Or maybe, the Tribute to Imperfection. The Blogging Mother's Scrapbook Graveyard. The Cupboard of Good Intentions. I could go on . . .

Do you have a household manager task that haunts you? Can you think of a way to embrace reality and take the easy way out?

I wasn't going to link up with Faith Barista today, because I didn't think I would be writing about quitting, but it turns out that I am. I quit the traditional photo album. I quit taunting myself with "but good mothers do this" ideas. I quit living in denial about what works for me in this particular area, and it feels good.


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7 Responses to “Embracing Reality”

  1. Ooh, you're making me uncomfortable. ha. I have loads of photos and the best of intentions to scrapbook them, but how far behind am I already? At least 5 years??? And when do I think I'm going to finally do it? "one day"

    Maybe I need to rethink my strategy too and find an easier way out...

    Thanks for sharing, Courtney! 

  2. love. this. post. I have recently come to understand that the past YEAR has been about embracing reality, and it took nearly the whole year to figure that out. At some point we have to stop punishing ourselves and let go of the guilt. There are plenty of real sins to lament - no sense keeping empty albums on the list!

  3.  I use my blog as our family scrapbook.  I have the first year printed off and I LOVE it!  I honestly think it would be one of the things that I would grab if our house caught on fire.  I know that's ridiculous but that is how much it means to me - every funny saying, ridiculous story, embarrassing moment, special events, etc.  When the kids get older they will have a majority of their lives documented.  This is also why my blog is private.
    As far as "what household tasks taunt me", everything!  I'm a terrible homekeeper and my house is never spotless. I do the best I can.  So, if there is a hairball that floats across the floor as you open my front door then don't complain to me - complain to the dog :)

  4. You know...you can actually buy books online where you upload the photos and order a hardbound or softbound album filled in scrapbook style so you don't have to worry about printing from here. Just a thought. I know one was $60...a friend did his that way. It was nice, too, like a book you bought at a store. 

  5.  "The monument to things left undone" - oh, that's what all that is in my closet...LOL. This really made me smile.

  6. OHMYGOODNESS. Courtney!  "I quit taunting myself with "but good mothers do this" ideas." Can I join you, sweet friend?! That is so me.  I quit, too, then! LOL. Seriously.  It's this insipid voice in the back of my mommy thoughts.  So glad you posted... and quit! :) Looking forward to seeing you pics or any brew.

  7. I, too, made my blog my scrapbook, life memory, journal, etc.  I used to scrapbook, but don't have the time or space any more, so I kind of quit.  I miss it, but not enough to get back into it seriously.  And I have children, so I can't imagine the pressure you must have felt as a mom to scrapbook all of your memories!  I am looking forward to printing my blog into books, putting on the shelf and enjoying whenever I want.  Although I plan to keep my scrapbook stuff and maybe one day....