Bright Blessing Card Pack + Giveaway!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I have to admit something. I wasn't exactly thrilled when I got the email telling me that my first DaySpring product to review as a DaySpring Affiliate was the Bright Blessings Card Pack. I wanted something that wasn't quite so touchy-feely. Not so in-your-face Christian.

I know! Can you believe I'm saying that? I have a Christian blog. I post Bible verses on here every week. I know . . . but there are some parts of my life where I'm more comfortable with the secular. Like greeting cards. I prefer to say,"Happy Birthday" - and that's it.

But, as I've stared at these cards and wondered what to do with them, I've decided something. Living as "I'm more comfortable" is kind of boring.

(And these cards are awfully cute.)

What if I send the Bible verse birthday card to someone who is expecting the usual kid-picking-his-nose or fireman-putting-out-the-overloaded-cake card, and it makes her day? What if the verse was just what she needed to hear?

What if she thinks I'm a totally weird Christian freak who can't even send a birthday card without evangelizing? Well, then . . . maybe I am.

Or, maybe this internal debate of mine is really about prayerfully deciding who should be the recipient of the Bible verse birthday card and trusting that God will make it all work out. Maybe this is another effort to deepen my cup. See, there is a "coincidental" layer to all this - 1 Thessalonians 5:11.

Back in May, my family read 1 Thessalonians 5:11 in the preschool devotional book we follow. The title for the day was Build Each Other Up. This appealed to our building/construction obsessed boys. As such, we chose it as a family summer theme, and put it on our chalkboard.

Fast forward to last week, and guess what verse is cited on the insert that came with the cards?

Coincidence? I think not.

I think I need to live the words that I am teaching my children. Yes, "regular" greeting cards can deliver the message, but these cards can encourage - really encourage. And sometimes, people need that.

I still think it is okay to send secular cards. I do, most of the time. But, I have come to appreciate the in-your-face Christian option because after a few cards timidly sent, I realized something: It is me who fears being perceived as too pushy. The card recipient doesn't get hung up on my social anxieties. She doesn't read between the lines or question my motives. She doesn't raise an eyebrow or roll her eyes. She just feels loved.

Would you like to go out on a limb and really encourage someone?

Here is your chance! DaySpring has provided me with a $20 coupon code to give away! This one-time use code is good for any product on their site, and expires on August 31, 2011. Shipping charges will still apply.

If you would like to win the $20 coupon code,

(1) Leave a comment telling me where you are on the comfort zone spectrum:

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Three chances to win!

This giveaway will stay open until 8pm (EST) on Thursday, June 23rd. Winner will be announced on Friday morning.

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Disclosure: I am a DaySpring Affiliate and DaySpring gave me these cards to review. My opinions are (can you tell?) honest and solely my own.

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16 Responses to “Bright Blessing Card Pack + Giveaway!”

  1. I am totally down with Christian cards. Infact, I usually look for them first and if I can't find one then I'll look at secular.

  2. For me it really depends on the person. I'll read through lots before feeling like I have "the one".

  3. I'm fine with them - snail mail is so rare these days that it really is fun to send and receive any type of card!! I love Dayspring :)

  4. I am smack dab in the middle. Ok with sending Christian cards and secular. I need to send more Christian cards though. I love Dayspring as well. 

  5. I'm pretty in the middle.  I'm so okay with Christian cards if I'm sending it to a Christian.  I need to learn that I am who I am and can send Christian cards to anyone!

  6. Oh, wow - could have written that myself.  Thanks for your honest comment!

  7. I agree.  I miss snail mail.  There is something about opening a letter...handwritten.
    I don't buy cards much anymore...we've opted to make ours.  Grace loves writing so
    she makes all of the cards.
    I always look forward to receiving her cards as does everyone else...they are very 
    Those cards are really cute though...and I say go for it...step out on that limb girl;)

  8. Oh, God is the God of things that are most definitely NOT coincidences!  Love how He used this verse all over your life!

  9. I could have written your first paragraph. . .I mean those thoughts could have come directly from my head.

    Just recently started being fine with Christmas cards that include verses. Yes, boring attitude that needs to be stretched.

    Btw, I really like the new header and the new feel of your design here. Super cute, Courtney.

  10. I enjoy making my own cards glueing photos that I've taken for the covers.

    I pray about GOD the message to write in them and often agonize over how little or how much to reveal about GOD... "the card recipient doesn't get hung up on my social anxieties" struck a chord.

    Somehow I always picture them doing exactly that and isn't that just the height of egoism....thinking it's still about me?? ugh...good words Courtney!

  11. Thanks, Amy!  And, nice to know it's not just me :)

  12. Awesome...I include verses in almost ever card I send.  I guess it's because God's Word gives me the words I can't always find myself.  Living words.  God told us His words wouldn't return void.  I trust that verse when I share God's words with others.

    But I'm a coward...too many times in other ways I fail to share my faith. 

  13. Hi Nancy - You won!  Send me an email and I'll send you the code.  Congrats!  

  14. I like a verse on cards, if the verse is well chosen. Mostly, I like a person who is thoughtful and sends cards . . . it really stands out in this media driven society. Also love your idea of listening to the Holy Spirit about which cards to send to who . . .


  15. Sorry, that was Glenda. I thought I had typed it wrong, but couldn't see my words. Somedays, I just hit the wrong button and something was covering my name. :-)