My Little Sniffers

Monday, June 6, 2011

For June's Newby Mom, I wrote an article about how my boys like to stop and smell the flowers. That sounds very sweet, but it actually results in confessions like this:

I cannot tell you how many times I have stifled the urge to yell, “Come on! Stop smelling the flowers!”

You feel better about your mothering skills now, don't you?

(You're welcome.) Here is the article:

A few weeks ago, I read the New York Times bestselling book, One Thousand Gifts, A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, by Ann Voskamp. Ann accepted a dare from a friend to list one thousand gifts from God. It lead her on a journey of learning to give thanks for everything. As a result, she began to experience real joy. Her list-making changed her perspective. Her view became more child-like. Look at the rainbow spectrums in the soap bubbles, the sunlight on the floor, and the moon in the sky. It is all so beautiful.

Click here to read the rest. The little boy sniffing in the photo is not mine, but he totally could be.

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10 Responses to “My Little Sniffers”

  1. I say "Stop smelling the flowers!" a lot. But I've noticed I'm happier when I build in time, for example, to take ten extra minutes to get out of the car, through the parking lot, and into wherever we may be headed. My kids slow me down constantly, so on a practical level, I'm trying to manage my own time to allow for all that aimless wandering. It seems counter productive, but when I'm relaxed, I'm happier. And when I'm happier, ironically, I'm more productive. Funny how that works! Great essay.

  2. For us, it is the dandelions! Stop blowing on them!!!

  3. Thanks, Angie.  You make an excellent point.  There is this circular flow between being relaxed, happy, and productive.  Hunched over the wheel (or computer!), shoulders up, speeding along never results in quality output.  Thanks for your insightful comment.

  4. Oh, this is hard -- to stop.  And sometimes to even engage.  But, you know, I'm learning. I'm learning that it is so valuable to them for us to be interested in what they are.

  5. You are so funny! And yes, that does make me feel a little better about my parenting skills. . .don't get me started on the blanket that was washed in too much bleech, sigh.

    Clicking over now.

  6. This reminds me of the time our family was trying to read through the Bible together.  I remember one morning, the children had a bunch of questions about the reading and I got impatient and told them we didn't have time for questions, we had a lot of reading to do!!  Ooops!

  7. My daughter is trying to teach her wee 2 year old boy she nannies to smell flowers. He is learning all the flower names. So sweet. But he blows air out of his nose . . . So cute. 


  8. Beautiful article.  My daughter  is past the "stop and smell the flowers" and has moved into the "stop and take pictures of the flowers."  I see a single rose on a bush.  She sees the sun-kissed hue and gently curved petals.  In my mind I'm saying, "How many ways can you turn a camera?'   Then in a grace filled moment God speaks and I am filled with her joy.

  9. Been meaning to comment since last Tuesday - loved the article! And it was an very timely reminder for ALL of us (even those without kids).  I know I don't always recognize God's reminders for me to "stop and smell"... or "listen"... or "look", but Tuesday because of your reminder I not only heard the reminder but followed to (of course) outcome better than I expected.  While trying to rush through a creek swimming workout, I noticed a blue heron on the bank, just resting.  And I immediately thought of your post!  So I stopped and watched and prayed to do better at following His plan.  I ended up with one of my longest, but most exhilarating swims to date... and found a renewed sense of purpose I had been missing for a few days.  Thank You!

  10. Amy - Thanks for this meaningful comment!  First, I'm impressed with your creek swimming because I know I'm exhausted after just a few minutes :)  But second, I'm so glad you got to stop and watch the wonder of nature.  It is abundant here and we are fortunate for that.  Yea for a renewed sense of purpose, too!  Wonderful.