This Won't Last Forever

Thursday, June 30, 2011

When the day has been long, and I'd rather skip giving a bath,
I think, "This won't last forever."

When teething pains interrupt my sleep and someone wakes up wet yet again,
I think, "This won't last forever."

When tempers flare over taking turns and whining lasts all afternoon,
I think, "This won't last forever."

When milk is spilled, dirt covers the floor, and someone misses the potty,
I think, "This won't last forever."

Then a growing boy climbs into my lap to suck his thumb, and
I remember, "This won't last forever."

Chubby hands clasp my face to cover it with kisses, and
I agonize, "This won't last forever."

A sleepy lump tucks arms in and rests on my shoulder, and
I sigh, "This won't last forever."

I get more love than I deserve from these precious, messy children, and
I know this won't last forever.

But I wish it would.

~ Dusting off some old posts and taking a blogging break this week. This one was originally published on April 30, 2010.

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2 Responses to “This Won't Last Forever”

  1. You are so right, it does not last forever! I now have my one son as a senior in high school. He's 6''3" and no longer my little boy, but yet he will forever be my little boy! Time is fleeting, oh to go back the days when he would crawl in my lap, if he did it today he would probably injure me!

  2. great post! new follower from the MOB - you can also find me on fb - 

    and my blog 

    enjoy your 4th long weekend!

    (my oldest just turned 10 and it was MUCH harder on me than me turning 40!) :)