Unexpected Encouragement

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Phone photos.

(Because you never know where you will find encouragement.)

Encouraged to be bold, and to give.

Encouraged to B resourceful.

Encouraged to laugh.

Linking up with Faith Barista and (for the first time) Thought Provoking Thursday on SomeGirl's Website.

And also, Photobucket" />

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12 Responses to “Unexpected Encouragement”

  1. What a great way to share encouragement from what you
    captured on your camera!  These all made
    me smile. Thanks for your creativity and insightful photo-snapping.

  2. Hi Courtney.  Love the photos.  Sometimes we see things like that and the phone's flat or the camera's at home.  Since i started blogging though, I keep my camera in my cubby.  Have'nt snapped anything awe inspiring yet but glad you have.
    God bless

  3. Love this idea - encouraging thoughts through pictures! Great job!

  4. Kristine McGuireJune 2, 2011 at 3:25 PM

    Great photos and clever encouragement!

  5. So cute!  I love the nest in the Starbucks picture. And thanks for those Compassion verses too.  I was just getting caught up on those posts this morning- they are so dense and challenging but so inspiring as well.  

  6. Hilarious!  Totally made me smile this Friday morning!

  7. I love the Hammertime one.  Must be showing my age. 

  8. My favorite is the Starbuck's photo.  Resourceful... Reminded me of you and me, Courtney -- us mommies doing our best, to make do with each day as is! :) 

  9. Michelle, You want to talk about showing your age?  My boys wanted to know why that was so funny, so I explained it was an old song.  "Sing it!" they yelled.  Oh boy.  I did, and I remembered a LOT.  I felt incredibly old and ridiculous, but they loved it.  Hilarious.

  10. oh how funny -- should I admit that I went to see MC HAMMER (2 legit to quit) in highschool (maybe right after)!