Voice Recognition

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sound Check

The other day my husband heard me talking on the phone to a college student about babysitting. When I hung up he said, "Like, really? That would be so awesome!"

"What?" was my annoyed reply.

"You sounded like a 19 year old talking to her. Why did you do that?"

"What are you talking about? I did not."

"Yes, you did. Your voice was different. It was funny."

"Well, I didn't mean to. I guess I did it without thinking. Did I sound ridiculous?"

"No. Just different. It was the way you responded, 'That would be awesome.' Your voice changed."

"Huh," was my only reply.

I didn't say anything else, but that conversation stuck with me. I don't mind sounding like a 19 year old sorority girl every once in a while (after all, that was me, long ago. . . ) but my unconscious change in tone brought up a larger question. Do I have one voice for one crowd, and one voice for another? Am I consistent with my responses, my beliefs, no matter who is around?

It's been good food for thought. In the days since, I've tried to become more aware of my casual conversations, and more significantly, how I act. Do I change depending on who I am around?

I think of it this way: If someone from Group A (work-related friends, for example) heard me talking to or saw me with Group B (church folks), I wouldn't want them to say, "Who are you?"

Could that happen in my life?

Maybe. Definitely a few years ago. Less likely now. Still, it is good to check myself. I want to be consistent.

Have you ever been caught (or caught yourself) using a different voice? Do you act one way for Crowd A and another way for Crowd B? How do you find the courage to remain consistent?

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7 Responses to “Voice Recognition”

  1. I've noticed tat my voice changes when I get excited about something.  But, when I worked as a youth minster, I spoke like the teens.  No idea why?

  2. Good blogging. I find it difficult, sometimes, to use my new voice when talking with very old friends.

  3. ooh yes... amen and amen. i have caught myself doing this, and have asked myself, 'who are you?' thank you for this challenge, friend, and for linking up! i hope you'll keep sharing.

  4. Nice post.  May I remain consistent no matter which crowd I'm with.
    Thank you!

  5. Loved the visuals on this one. So true. I struggle with sounding nicer on the phone to STRANGERS than I do to my husband sometime. Arrrgh. Thanks for giving me some food for thought!

  6. Yes - totally been there.  Strangers often get my kindest voice.

  7. Yes, it is so good though to catch yourself - sort of a gentle tap from the Holy Spirit.  Always a good thing.  Thanks for stopping by!