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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm participating in The MOB Society's First Annual Boy Mom Blog Hop today. The subject is favorite books, and the idea is to visit as many blogs participating in the hop as you can. I will begin with,

A Brief Introduction, ahem.

If this is your first visit, welcome! A Work in Progress is about motherhood and faith. It is about finding happiness and fulfillment as "Mom," and it just so happens that I am Mom to two boys. Big Guy is 4 and 1/2 and Little Guy is approaching 3. This blog is not about them, but since they are often the ones showing me the way, they make regular appearances.

I remember the nights of reading Goodnight Moon and Are You My Mother? until I thought I could read them no more . . . how quickly they have gone. Now, thanks to the library and just age (I suppose) the boys prefer more variety. Here are their favorite books, for the moment:

Big Guy's Favorite Books

Both boys are on a huge Veggie Tales kick right now, so Who Wants to Be a Pirate? could have gone in either pile. I put it in Big Guy's since he is older and getting closer to the "I Can Read!" stage. The boys just love the pirates, and always start singing, "We are the pirates, who don't do anything!" when this book comes out. If you don't know the words, I could sing them for you, or you could click here.

Kelly Pulley'sThe Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories is one we return to regularly. We gave it to Big Guy for Christmas and read it straight through multiple times. He no longer insists on it every night, but we still reach for it often, and he frequently wants to start with David and Goliath. Go figure.

Petunia's Christmas by Roger Duvoisin has all the charm you would expect from a 1952 tale. It is about a pet goose named Petunia who wants to save a neighbor's gander, named Charles, from becoming Christmas dinner. My favorite line is when Petunia's owner greets Charles's farmer, who has come looking for Charles with his shotgun ready. He is holding a pipe, and you can just hear a John Wayne voice, "Well, neighbor, (exhale) what do you want to shoot on my farm with your big gun?" So friendly, and yet - the man with the gun stops in his tracks. Big Guy reaches for this one all year long, and I don't mind one bit.

Little Toot on The Thames by Hardie Gramatky is a 1964 classic that we recently got as a loving hand-me-down from my sister in law. The story and illustrations are charming, and just right for boys who love boats and machines. I can smile knowingly, though, when the feisty little boat is ultimately rescued by the queen. Love that ending.

Little Guy's Favorite Books

Hat by Paul Hoppe is a library book that I snuck in, desperate for something that did not involve trucks or dinosaurs. Imagine my surprise when Little Guy asked for it again, and again, and again. It is a simple story about a boy who finds a hat, and imagines different uses for it. It appeals to a child's sense of adventure, and it includes a lesson about how to handle found objects. Good stuff.

Open your eyes by Rob Abisch is another classic from my sister in law. It is about two brothers (how convenient!) who invent a game on a rainy day. They play "Red!" and find all the red things in the house. Then blue, yellow . . . you get the picture. Lots of objects to point to and name in this book, which make it a favorite. Then of course, guess who is now playing "Red!"?

Little Guy loves Big Bear Hug by Nicholas Oldland. Who can resist a big bear that goes around hugging everything in his path? This book includes a conservation message, delivered in a sweet way: Don't get mad, just hug. Every boy mom can use that message!

Finally, another charmer from my sister in law's stack: The Story of Moses, A Bible Pop-Up. This version of the story focuses on Moses's sister, Miriam. She feels a little jealous when Moses is born, but soon comes to his rescue by weaving a basket and watching him in the reeds. When he grows up, she feels proud that God chose her to weave a special basket for her brother. I like the message of helping a sibling and taking pride in the task at hand. Little Guy just loves the story.

What books do your boys love?

Go visit others participating in this blog hop, and thanks for stopping by!

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18 Responses to “Boy Mom Blog Hop”

  1. Oh, I just love some of that retro-happiness that made it into your book piles.  My Little Lion Cub is only 4 months old, so we're still picking his "favorites," but I'm gonna add some of these to the amazon wish list!  Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just love that picture of your boys... it's too precious for words really :) Nice to meet you and see your blog today- I'm over from the #BMBH :)

  3. How nice to meet you! I'm a reading specialist, so I LOVE reading about books!! :) Please stop by my blog as well:

  4. I love children's books! I have a 10 & 12 year who think they are too big for board books, but a two year old who could be read to all day long. He's beginning to enjoy Veg Tales too which makes me smile. :)  

  5. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

    Love that photo of your guys and what you said about them frequently showing you the way. God does teach us frequently through our children, doesn't he?

    Most of these books are new to me. I am looking forward to rediscovering children's books when grandkids come along "some day."

  6. My boys love to be read TO but aren't big readers.  They are 9 & almost 11.  My 10 year old is big into non-fiction books like the Eyewitness books, nature encyclopedias, etc.  My 9 year old avoids books unless I'm reading to them.  We're in the middle of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader right now. I read to them at bedtime usually. I didn't write about books in my Boy Mom post-- whoops! Thanks for stopping by to say hi this morning! It's nice to meet you!

  7. Domestically Divine DivasJuly 28, 2011 at 3:08 PM

    I hadnt heard of some of those thanks for sharing! We'll have to check them out. My kids all love books, almost as much as I do! We also love veggie tales around here too. Looking fwd to reading more of your blog :)

  8. Love the picture of the backside of your boys walking down a dirt path . . . that is so adorable.  I'm a mom of six boys.  come visit us at Layers of Learning.

  9. So cute!! Stopping by from the Mom blog hop! Blessings!

  10. I still sometimes read to my 13 year old although he would not want me telling that!  Ferdinand the Bull is his favorite and when I read to my 16 year old it was the Golden Books "The Farm Book".  I have saved it but it is worn thin.  Such good memories.  Thanks for bringing them back to me as I strive to stay sane in this household of teenagers! 

  11. Melissa LanzarottaJuly 29, 2011 at 5:12 AM

    Right now Monkey's favorite is Hermie: The Common Caterpillar..  I came over from the mom blog please feel free to check out my blog.

  12. Hi!  What a great post you did - such wonderful books, and boys (of course).  Blessings to you!

  13. I am visiting from the MOB society.  I look forward to looking around your blog more.  I also love the books you are reading with your boys I'll have to get a few from the library. http://rasising

  14. we have that same Bible!! my kids love it. we have almost every veggie tale movie, but they've gotten off that kick...i kinda wish they'd get back on it, b/c they are really good movies!! ;)

    stopping by from the blog hop!

  15. Hi! just hopping by from the MOB Society! Loved hearing about your boy's books! We love books too but I hadn't heard of most of those! I will be stopping by again! 

  16. my 4 year old daughter can now recite goodnight moon with me, and my son is not far behind!!! We also love 'a prayer for a child' which we can all recite together! ;-) (dropping in late from the blog hop).

  17. Our boys are the same ages! What a cute picture of them! Just hopping by from MOB blog hop!

  18. Hi there! Just stopping by from MOB society. We enjoy The Beginners Bible too! My son also enjoys I love You Stinky Face :o)