Finding Summer Camp

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Have you ever noticed that God doesn't let you get too comfortable?

In this life, seasons end, circumstances change, people move, children grow, and needs evolve. Sometimes I find myself wishing for the magic of summer camp. I loved that bubble of morning flag raising, songs at every meal, activities for choosing, friends all around, and smores at night. It was a beautiful, responsibility-free routine, which I wished would never end but I treasured because I knew it would.

I suppose life is like that. I get into a groove, and it seems great, but I know that I can't get too comfortable.

Right now, I am enjoying light in the early morning, vacation planning, pool play dates, short To Do lists, and the grill. But I see changes on the horizon: more work, less play, school bags, meetings, and criss-crossing schedules.

Recently, I have gotten to interact with many inspirational Christian mentors, who I wanted to glom onto. But they keep moving; they aren't for glomming. So I take what I've learned and try to stand on my own.

Soon, I will start a new volunteer project. I am nervous about what I've agreed to do. I am anxious about how it will all turn out.

I think about all this and I realize that even though God will not let me wallow in continuous comfort, He does not wants me to be uncomfortable. Worldly changes are just one of the ways He reminds me that He is unchanging. He is the only thing that does not change. I can be comfortable with Him. He is my summer camp.

Man is a mere phantom as he goes to and fro; he bustles about, but only in vain; he heaps up wealth, not knowing who will get it. But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you. Psalm 39:6-7

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10 Responses to “Finding Summer Camp”

  1. Christian Camp - strong in my heart too.  Served my 20th year this summer...wrote about it too: God Bless!

  2. Love the photo from your childhood!  I only went to one summer camp where I actually spent several days away from home. 

    You're right, God is our refuge (summer camp).  He is our place of refreshing.  Our safe place.

    I came over from the Faith Jam! 


  3. BTW, I took your button and I'm your newest follower.  I hope you'll visit me as well.

  4. I had to stop and comment, not just about the summer camp pictures which I remember and which brought a little tear, but the verses Psalm 39: 6-7.  One of my favorite passages (Psalm 39: 4-7) and one that Brahms used in his Requiem.  The most magnificent baritone solo and a chorus part ("Lord, Make Me to Know") that I've been blessed to sing with a choir.  Thank you for the poignant reminder of wondrous truths in those verses.  The English translation of that passage from Brahms's German Requiem goes like this, and I can hear it now as I write:  (Sorry that this is lengthy, but I hope you'll read on and appreciate it and your nerdy mom.)  Lord, make me to know the measure of my days on earth,that my life is but frailty, and I must perish.Surely, all my days here are as an handbreadth to thee,and my lifetime is as naught to thee.Verily, mankind walketh in a vain show;even his best state is vanity.He goeth about like a shadow in his anxieties,and in van he heapeth up riches,but knoweth, nay, knoweth not who shall gather them.Now Lord, what then do I  wait for?My hope is in thee!

  5. He is my Summer Camp. That is a wonderful thought! I loved, loved, loved this. My husband was the "Youth Pastor" for many years (17) and now that we are in a different area of service to the church, I really, really miss going to summer camp. He is MY summer camp. I have to remember that! I would love to guest post for you. Check out my blog and see if you would like that. :) I found you through the Faith Barista!

  6. Jackie - I would love for you to guest post.  Can you email me at and we'll get it set up?  Looking forward to it!

  7. "He is my summer camp."  Oh!  My summer camp experiences were a little unique, being one of just a few coaches' daughters at an all-boys Fellowship of Christian Athletes camp every summer!  But those weeks still rank among the favorite memories of my whole life--and for all the right reasons--those boys were nothing but gentemen!  Yes, God IS like the perfect "bubble" of FCA camp!!  And I don't EVER have to say goodbye to Him!!

  8. "he is my summer camp." LOVE this. how i miss summer camp. this post is a beautiful prayer, friend.

  9. I love how you remember the jeans but not the name of your friend. Classic! I can tell you're a pretty extroverted person, though, because summer camp was never a comfort zone for me :)