Psalm 19 Check-In

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A few weeks ago, I proclaimed that Psalm 19 would be my summer theme. I used it to devise a summer plan:

(1) Intentionally recognize God's glory in nature;
(2) Share that with my children;
(3) Personally grow by studying God's word.

Today seems like a good time to check in on (1) and (2). . .

I started off strong, but then like so many good intentions, I fell off the wagon. I eventually forgot to think about God's hand in the sun, the breeze, the bugs, or the water. I just felt the sun, enjoyed the breeze, slapped the bugs and dove into the water. I lost my awareness, and I certainly did not think about helping my children tune in to God. That is, until I started thinking about blog posts and thought, "Oh yeah! I better get on that." (Thank goodness for blog accountability!)

I saw an opportunity when I took the boys to a county park on a hot, hot day. I purposefully left the camera at home so that I could "be in the moment and enjoy," but then I realized that my blog post might look better with some photos. Thank goodness for my phone!

We walked along some trails and pointed out God's creations - the sunshine, the breeze, the trees, and lots of fiddler crabs.

"Why you takin' a picture of that, Mom?"
"Because I think it is pretty."
"Oh. Hmmm - yeah, it is."

We talked about the marsh grass, the pluff mud, and all the life under that water.

We spotted a huge nest on a power line far away. It was hard to capture with my phone,
but Hubby tells me those are probably osprey.

We we returned to the Park Center, and enjoyed a snack. Then a day camp group gathered below us to go out on some paddle boats. The counselors gave a brief lecture on wildlife, and the boys couldn't help but watch through the deck cracks and listen.

Boys :)

Have you embraced Psalm 19 as a summer theme? Are you finding ways to show your children God's glory when you are out in nature?

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8 Responses to “Psalm 19 Check-In”

  1. I am looking at two of God's adorable creations . . . your sweet boys. Oh, that last picture of them looking through the cracks . . . priceless.


  2. Hi Courtney.  the great thing about doing things like this with your children, is their view on things we take for granted or are used to seeing.  Their views are so fresh. Great post
    God bless

  3. Beautiful pictures and beautiful ways to see the glory of God. You're doing good!

  4. I love how they lean their ear down between the cracks to listen. The littlest things thrill them. We as adults have a more complicated outlook. We should be like a child in wonder.

  5. Love how you put a Bible verse as a theme for a certain season. Have chosen life verses & verses for years to come...but not for seasons of my life.  Better run & start digging in the Word! ;)  ~ Jen

  6. oh this is lovely and good... you have inspired me to see God around me, friend. thank you.

  7. Thanks, Glenda!  They crack me up on a daily basis :)

  8. "blog accountability" - Hey, Courtney! I like that! :) It's true.  It's a fellowship of faith we have goin' on here.  Thanks for sharing these photos. And a glimpse from your summer journal of Ps. 19!  Love the idea - a theme for the summer - letting it be like a touchstone to return to (while slapping the summer bugs!). :)