WFMW: Color A Smile

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It is Works for Me Wednesday, and do you know what works for me?

Amy Sullivan introduced me to this sweet organization. I bookmarked it, with great intentions. There it sat, until one hot summer day when my intentions were finally realized.

We colored,

talked about why we were coloring,

and then took our masterpieces to the Post Office.

That evening, I prompted Big Guy, "Tell Daddy what we did today."
"We colored some pictures."
Further prompting, "What kind of pictures?"
"Horses, cowboys, and a helicopter."
"And why did we color the pictures? Do you remember?"
"They are for old people with no grandchildren to color for them."

Well, that is not exactly how I explained it, but I guess he got the basic point.

Have you ever Colored a Smile?


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3 Responses to “WFMW: Color A Smile”

  1. That's great! We'll have to do that! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I saw this last year in Family Fun magazine - when it was time for our annual street sale, I asked people to "sponsor" a picture previously colored by my children - they paid $1 and, if they wanted to, they could add their name to the picture too (most chose just to donate). The pics went to Color-a-Smile, the money to a family in need.

  3. Fantastic!  Thanks for sharing that idea.