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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's Works for Me Wednesday, and do you know what works for me?

A few months ago, I walked into Blockbuster at about 7:00 p.m. to grab a movie for an at home date night with my husband. Getting out of the house at bedtime was supposed to be a treat for me.

It was, until I walked into the store. Scenes from the latest exorcist movie were blaring in surround sound from multiple TVs. Screaming, cursing - it was jarring. I wanted to cover my ears. I certainly wanted to cover the eyes and ears of the children walking around. When I regained my ability to focus on the task at hand, I was disgusted by all the trash on the walls - contorted faces holding bloody knives, bulging boobs and violence on nearly every shelf. I wondered, "When did I become the uncool lady who walks in here and gets offended?"

I guess it was that night, because I left without a movie and I silently vowed to never return with my children. It was just too much.

Fortunately, our date night sans-movie was just fine. So much so that we simply forgot about movie renting for the next few months. That is, until I started working on my Top Ten Movies list.

"Great! How will I get my hands on those specific movies?" I wondered. Neflix is a possibility, but last weekend I found myself starring down a Saturday night with an immediate need to knock Toy Story 3 off the list. Why? Don't ever ask why Mama gets a bee in her bonnet. Sometimes she just does.

Since I couldn't wait for Netflix, and I didn't want to return to the dreaded B, I went to I found a box near me with Toy Story 3, reserved it, and picked it up without verbal and visual assault. Hallelujah!

I felt so modern, so this-is-what-people-do, so savvy. See, I don't want to live a Pollyanna life, pretending that sex and violence don't sell, or vowing to shun all forms of media. I don't want to bury my head in the sand, and I know that I can't cover eyes and ears all the time. But for a little while, just a little while, can't I find a place to make a choice where rated R stuff isn't oozing from every surface?

Why, yes. Yes, I can.

Redbox recently helped me work that out, so now, it works for me.

Have you ever been horrified in the movie store, or some other place? How do you bring quality entertainment into your home?


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7 Responses to “WFMW: Redbox”

  1. Usually by redbox! :) But we also have netflix and we use the instant queue a lot. I find myself to be getting very upset at a lot of stuff I see everywhere nowadays. And that says a lot since I am only 21. Most people I know my age are still in the party area where they don't want grow up yet. Just today my best friend posted on her facebook wall about gay marriage, sex, drinking, smoking, drugs and how people should have their freedom and if you agree re post. I was appalled! I reported that post as offensive. I am sad that there really is nothing I can do abut most of the stuff that offends me. But I also know that the worse it gets, the closer to God we are. :)

  2. we are regular red-box renters!  so handy esp. when you reserve a movie before heading out to pick it up!  we enjoy our net flix acct. as well, but now that the rate is going up an extra $5 we may not continue with them...

  3. That sounds wonderful! I wish we had redbox here in the Norht!

  4. AMEN sistah!
    I was THANKFUL when our local blockbuster closed...Netflix/redbox works for me.  You can use (one time) dvdonme and get a free redbox rental!

  5. when the selection of movies in our local movie rental place, (and by local I mean the only one with in a 15 mile radius) began to weigh heavily on the side of R-rated movies with mostly demonic themes I just gave up. And that was after vowing that I would never return because of the porn that was being offered to the public who wished to walk into the "back room" to get their entertainment. Then Red Box parked itself in the grocery store right in the same little strip mall and I was renting movies again! thanks for the post!

  6. So glad you stopped by.  Facebook can be a free-for-all, but I am actually okay with that.  You can "hide" people who make upsetting or annoying posts.  I don't want to censor people's thoughts or ideas, but I do want to be able to filter what I absorb.  The "hide" feature of FB allows that, and it is useful.  

    Your comment challenged me (in a good way) to consider how Christians should respond to disturbing things in this world.  I think that God calls us to reach out (in love, gently) to people who may offend us, and to pray for them, no matter what.  Most importantly, I think we have to keep asking God to help us discern how He wants us to live - what is "offensive," how we should react, and how we can best represent His love in this world.Thanks again for your comment.  It really made me think.