Thursday, August 25, 2011

I was driving over the bridge the other night, back to my house, and I had to laugh - I have become the lady I used to dismiss. I live in a Southern town, I do not work full time, I belong to the Junior League, and I volunteer at preschool. I used to think that women like me were unimportant, or at least didn't have much to say. I thought they were silly, and I couldn't imagine how running a household or raising kids full time could really require that much work.

(This is where you can insert hysterical laughter.)

When I think of my life in this way, I can see that God has just been working on me. Slowly, he has been steering me away from the things that I thought defined success, and smack dab into the heart of all the stereotypes I once mocked.

He is making me eat crow.

It tastes pretty good.

Have you ever caught yourself in a "I used to make fun of this" situation? How did that make you feel? I get an overwhelming since of, "The younger me was an idiot." What about you?

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5 Responses to “Crow”

  1. Suzanne WestenhoferAugust 25, 2011 at 8:01 AM

    I think we all have these moments! It's nice to be reminded we are redefining stereotypes, especially ones we used to believe.

  2. After my daughter was born, I feasted on crow daily. Now, after 2.5 years, maybe just once every few weeks. :)  Praise God for the lesson in humility!

  3. I am also the woman I use to dismiss. When I was much younger, my career was what I lived for. I couldn't understand why any "strong" woman would allow a man to take care of he while she stayed at home. Independence was all I craved. Now.. years later, I am a stay at home mom of five. As my husband works we both provide for our family, in one form or another. Love how God reshapes us! 

  4. I used to dismiss any woman driving a minivan, promising myself that I would NEVER be caught dead in one! LOL If you could see me now!

  5. oh friend. he's making me eat crow too :) sigh.