Why We Sit On The Last Row

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Top ten ways to keep preschoolers quiet in church

(1) Pep talk before you go in. "Remember, this is like the library. You have to whisper and sit quietly in here." (Nice try, right?)
(2) Coloring book and crayons.
(3) The bulletin and crayons.

(4) Old receipts in your purse and crayons.
(5) Crayons . . .
(6) Let them flip through the hymnal and/or Bible until the page turning gets super loud and/or they drop it. Loudly. On the hardwood floor.
(7) Allow them to draw with the tiny pew pencil until it becomes a weapon.

(8) Let them explore every nook and cranny of your purse and wallet. (Wonder why you can't find your debit card later.)
(9) Pray.
(10) Put them in the nursery.

You know I'm actually all about having kids in church. But sometimes it is hard.

How do you do it?

Top Ten {Tuesday}

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13 Responses to “Why We Sit On The Last Row”

  1. I can completely relate to this!!! I have an added challenge that for the first 30 minutes or so, the boys are with me only (since my hubby is the worship pastor). I've read that sitting closer to the front can actually help because there are less distractions but so far I haven't tried it. Another tip I read was if your kid is acting up, take them out for five minutes (or however long) and have them sit with you on a chair in a boring area like the hallway. The idea is that after a few times of this they might realize it is actually more fun to be able to "play" in the pew with crayons, etc. Let me know if you figure anything else out!

  2. Hilarious! I had to take Margaret Jane to a funeral last week. I just ran out of babysitting options, Clarke had to work, no family in town, and so my choices were to not go at all, or attempt to take a 14 month old. She's even too little for crayons, so I took her cup and her snack and prayed.We lasted about 10 minutes. So, at least I tried! 

  3. Oh, you are at the incredibly cute but completely impossible age.  Good for you for making it for that long!  

  4. The boys come in for the last 30 minutes during communion and the last hymn.  We bribe with fruit snacks and let them bring in a quiet toy (has to be small enough to fit in my pocketbook).  Hughes is now content with drawing and writing.  Banks is the one that needs all these tricks.  We also sit near the back on the side.

  5. I love the pictures!

  6. I loved this!  It reminded me of those days with my little ones.  I have 3 kids that are a year and a half apart (singleton and twins).  Crayons and cheerios always worked for us!

  7. lol! Except when mine were little, I just STARTED with the nursery. ;)  Loved this!

  8. I actually moved my boys to the very first row and it actually helped alot. For the most part, they sit very quietly during worship. My 3 year old will snuggle with his blankets and sometimes fall asleep. I have been making my 6 year old stand with me. I still have an issue with them running in church...we are definitely a work in progress!

  9. Yep, and I also will bring a snack and a small sports bottle of water, although some churches don't allow food in the sanctuary. (it helps that my hubby is the pastor though!) I had a small pen light in my purse once and my youngest found it and was shining it all over the sanctuary. Everyone was looking around wondering what it was!

  10. Hi, visiting from Mob Society...great topic! I love having my children in church also (of course now their getting older and don't want to sit by me... a great Pastor once said (and it hit the spot for me)
    "Having your children in church with you is always a great thing, but if you are constantly dealing with distractions, or entertaining them to be quiet...what are YOU getting from church?" We need fed too...:) Hope you find a healthy balance for you! :)

  11. You know, that is a great quote!  Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Candy mints! And we usually take them in only if we are at the church for more than one service and they're older than 5. It is good training for sure though!

  13. I highly recommend the book Parenting in the Pew.  There's many practical ideas plus encouragement.